Commentary on the Gospel of

Paulson Veliyannoor, CMF - Claretian Publications Philippines

Heart of God

Reading horoscope is a universal addiction, precisely because we all crave to know how our future unfolds. However, knowing one’s future in advance can be a terrible burden with disastrous consequences—unless you have the kind of heart of Christ. Having known well in advance his destiny, Jesus still chose Judas as a disciple, nurtured him with his friendship and teachings; and now, at the Passover meal, shares his bread with him. Jesus does not hold back his presence, love, and care from Judas. How is it possible? Only one who has the heart of God can do so. I am reminded of a story from John Shea. Jesus comes to meet a modern day down-and-out-disciple who has lost fire and is planning to abandon faith. Sharing popcorn with him, Jesus tells him: “Love me, because I am large enough to betray.”


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