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Paulson Veliyannoor, CMF - Claretian Publications Philippines

Ars Moriendi

It is such an irony that human beings live as if death happens to someone else. Of course, we know that we are mortal; but somehow, we live as if we will live on this earth forever. The awareness of our mortality or the lack of it impacts our mode of living. As Samuel Johnson said, the prospect of death wonderfully concentrates the mind of a human being. In earlier times, many monks used to dig their own graves and sit in them and meditate. Even in these days, some contemplative orders continue the practice of each monk preparing one’s own grave. It gives them perspective. One who is aware of death and the reality of giving account of one’s life to the Creator will stay awake and be alert in everything one does. Such person will not be found wanting when his or her time comes to meet with the Lord of Life.


XMC.PL-Master XMC.PL-Master
on 25/8/22
Hello Members,

I wonder how to reach the consciousness of the Russians and make them realize that every day in Ukraine RUSSIAN SOLDIERS DIE and military equipment is being destroyed on a mass scale. Why destroy and demolish when you can build and create a new, better world.
WAR is suffering, crying, sadness and death, do you have any ideas to convince Russians that Vladimir Putin should retire, bask in the sun somewhere in warm countries and end this bloody conflict in Europe.

It is a great idea to select random companies from Russia on Google business cards and add opinions about anti-war content and make people in the country aware that Putin is doing wrong.

Please take a moment to select a random company on the Google map and add your opinion about anti-war content.
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