Commentary on the Gospel of

Mary Elizabeth Sperry - Bible Diary 2023 - Claretian Communications Foundation, Inc.

People expect a lot of their religious leaders and that is right and just. We expect that the people who call us to a closer relationship with God will have a similar relationship. We expect that they will back up their preaching by the example of their lives. But it is equally important to remember that no one is perfect except God. Human leaders will always be flawed. When these inevitable failures occur, our leaders can offer us their examples of humility, contrition, and conversion, by admitting their mistake, asking forgiveness, and taking steps to make reparations.

The leaders in Jerusalem discounted the words of Peter and John because they did not have the training and background expected of religious teachers. Though both were aware of their own sinfulness, Peter and John relied on the mercy of Jesus and continued giving witness to his life and saving death. Let us pray that our religious leaders will continue to grown in knowledge and faithful witness.


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