Liturgy Alive Our Lady of Mount Carmel

Saturday, July 16, 2011


    The glories of Mount Carmel are sung in the bible, as the prophet Elijah had stood up there for the purity of Israel’s faith. In the twelfth century, hermits withdrew to this mountain and later founded the Carmelite order, which is devoted to the contemplative life under the patronage of Mary, the holy Mother of God.

Opening Prayer

    Lord our God,
    Mary, the mother of your Son Jesus Christ,
    was open to the word of God
    with a believing, trusting mind and heart.
    Like her, may we entrust ourselves to you
    ponder your words and seek your will in them.

    Make your will our will,
    that you may lead us to your home
    under the guidance of him
    who sought your will in everything,
    Jesus Christ our Lord.

Prayer over the Gifts

    Lord our God,
    this bread and this wine
    are signs that with Jesus and Mary
    we are ready to seek your will.
    Allow us to share in this table
    as his brothers and sisters, his relatives,
    and to follow him on his faithful way
    to you, our God for ever.

Prayer after Communion

    Lord our God,
    make us, like Mary, ponder the words
    which Jesus has spoken here to us.
    Let them be words that guide our lives
    and to which we respond in all we do.
    Let the bread of strength of your Son
    give us the will and the courage
    to make your good news
    the foundation of our lives.
    We ask this through Christ our Lord.

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