Liturgy Alive 21st Sunday in Ordinary Time (C)

Sunday, August 25, 2013


The Lord has gathered us here,
however different we may be from one another,
to become one in him and to be a sample
of the unity in variety of the whole Church.
May the one Lord of all unite us
and be always with you. 
R/ And also with you.

Introduction by the Celebrant

A. Who Will Be Saved?
It is surprising how many people live in fear: fear of illness, fear of losing their beloved ones, fear of their own death, fear of today, fear of tomorrow. Jesus assures us: "Do not fear! Do not give up your hope! Have faith!" Even when we go through difficult days, we should never give up our faith and hope; we should always stay alert to the Lord and to his loving coming among us. In this Eucharist we ask the Lord to keep us always attentive to his presence.

B. Many Will Come From East And West
Everyone likes to go to a house where the doors are always open in welcome. That is how Jesus wants the Church to be: a house of welcome open to anyone. Jesus says of himself that he is the gate or the door. He welcomes all who seek him and even goes out of his way to look for people. But at the same time the door is narrow. We have to make an effort to become like Jesus and to serve and love God and people with him and to live in the spirit of the Gospel. With Jesus we now thank the Father, and ask that we too may be open to all.

Penitential Act

We now ask the Lord to forgive us,
for having often honored him more
with our lips than in our hearts and deeds.
Lord Jesus, we have eaten and drunk from your table.
We want also to share our food and drink with the needy.
Open the door to us:
Lord, have mercy. R/ Lord, have mercy.
Jesus Christ, we have listened to your word.
We also want to put it into practice.
Open the door to us:
Christ, have mercy. R/ Christ, have mercy.
Lord Jesus, we will work that everyone
will belong to your people and your kingdom.
Open the door to us:
Lord, have mercy. R/ Lord, have mercy.
God, through your merciful kindness
forgive us all our sins
and lead us to everlasting life. R/ Amen.

Opening Prayer

A. Who Will Be Saved? 
Let us pray
that we may live as we believe
God our Father,
you have given us Jesus, your Son,
as the door through which we enter
into your kingdom.
Help us to listen to his voice
and to follow him without reserve.
May our authentic Christian living
bring goodness and joy to this world
and lead us to you, our saving God,
by the power of Jesus Christ our Lord. R/ Amen.

B. Many Will Come From East And West
Let us pray
that the Church may be a home for all peoples
Lord our God,
you are the Father of all;
you want to set all people free
with the freedom won for us the hard way
by your Son Jesus Christ.
Give us a true sense of mission,
that we may be your people
open to every person and culture.
Make us humbly recognize
the good that is found everywhere,
and to recreate and perfect it
in the image of Jesus Christ,
your Son and our Lord for ever. R/ Amen.

Liturgy of the Word

First Reading Introduction: I Will Gather All Nations
      The last part of the book of Isaiah ends with a grandiose vision: God will gather all the nations into one holy people. All will be brothers and sisters.

Second Reading Introduction: God Is A Real Father

      God would not be a good Father if he did not correct his children. Our trials serve to train and strengthen us in the faith.

Gospel Introduction: People From East And West Will Enter

      To be saved, it is not enough to belong to the people of God. All those who live the life of Christ, from wherever they come, are admitted into the kingdom.

General Intercessions

Let us pray that, like God, we may welcome all people into our hearts and homes, and let us say: R/ Lord, gather all into your kingdom.
• For the Church, that it may never stop proclaiming the Gospel to all peoples, languages, and cultures, let us pray: R/ Lord, gather all into your kingdom.
• For the unity of all Christians, that they may not remain enclosed within their particularities and human traditions, but may enrich one another in Christ, let us pray: R/ Lord, gather all into your kingdom.
• For all those who are discouraged by the pain of trials and sickness, that they may not close their hearts, but learn to grow through their sufferings as human beings and as Christians, let us pray: R/ Lord, gather all into your kingdom.
• For our Christian communities, that we may be united; that no one may feel a stranger among us, and that we may be open to one another and to all, let us pray: R/ Lord, gather all into your kingdom.
Lord our God, make us share in your love, may we be open to all people and welcome all in our brother Jesus Christ. R/ Amen.

Prayer over the Gifts

Lord our God,
we are gathered here as your people
around the table of your Son.
Do not allow us to exclude anyone
or to look down on even the least
of our brothers and sisters,
whether distant or near.
And may the day come that all,
from the East and the West, from the North and the South,
may come to take their places
at the feast of Jesus your Son,
our Lord for ever and ever. R/ Amen.

Introduction to the Eucharistic Prayer

We thank God for gathering people from everywhere and bringing them into the Church, to be God's one, holy people.

Invitation to the Lord's Prayer

Let us pray in the words of Jesus our Lord
that the kingdom of our heavenly Father
may come to all: 
R/ Our Father...

Deliver Us

Deliver us Lord, from every evil
and grant us unity and peace.
Save us from our selfishness
and our clannish mentality;
make our thoughts and hearts
as wide as the world,
open to all peoples and cultures.
Let all come to the joyful discovery
of our one Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. 
R/ For the kingdom...

Invitation to Communion

This is Jesus our Lord,
who opens the narrow gate of the kingdom
to everyone who seeks him
with a sincere heart.
He invites all to his table.
Happy are we to accept his invitation.
R/ Lord, I am not worthy...

Prayer after Communion

Lord our God,
you have kept your promise:
you have broken for us
the bread of your Son
and poured for us his wine of joy.
Jesus has waited on us at his table.
Help us to hold on to your dream
of happiness and justice for all.
Help us to live in faith
and to support one another,
as you lead us to the land of your promise,
through Jesus Christ our Lord. R/ Amen.


As he sent his apostles,
so our Lord sends us too,
to go out into the whole wide world
to proclaim his Good News,
with the blessing of Almighty God,
the Father, and the Son, and the Holy Spirit. R/ Amen.
Let us go and take Christ with us to people. 
R/ Thanks be to God.

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