Liturgy Alive 5th Day of the Octave of Christmas

Monday, December 29, 2014



God comes to his temple today as if incognito, as a child carried in the arms of its mother. Simeon, the old man in the Temple, took Jesus in his arms and recognized this child as the Savior expected by the Jews in the Old Testament but also as the salvation of all people. In him the old Israel can fade away in peace.

This child was to be the glory of Israel, yes, but also the light to enlighten pagans, everyone. He comes to us now not merely to be the light of us Christians. He does not belong to us alone but to all. St John tells us how to reflect the light of Christ: all those who love their neighbor are living in the light.

Opening Prayer

God, Father of light,
the old man Simeon recognized your Son
as the light that would shine on all.
May we too recognize Jesus,
even if he comes to us in a humble way,
in the shape and person of children,
of old people, of the poor and the little ones.
Make us receive him too
as the light not only of our lives
but as the bright dawn for all nations.
For you are the Father of all
and Jesus belongs to all as their Savior and Lord,
now and for ever.

General Intercessions

–   For all parents who take their children to church for baptism, that God may bless them and their children, we pray:

–   For all parents who suffer when their children bring sorrow on them, that they may keep trusting in the Lord, we pray:

–   For all peoples who come to know Christ, that they may accept him as their joy and life, we pray:

Prayer over the Gifts

Loving God,
a humble piece of bread and a little wine
are enough to let Jesus come among us.
Enliven these simple gifts with your Spirit,
that we may welcome among us
him who enlightens all nations
with his joy and the bright morning
of true justice and deep commitment
of loving service, a sense of compassion
and a boundless generosity,
Jesus, the Savior of all and our Lord.

Prayer after Communion

God of light,
we have sat at the festive table
of him who came to unite all peoples far and near
as brothers and sisters
who can love and accept one another,
notwithstanding all their differences
of race and culture, 
of social standing and personality.
Make us believe and practice
that this is only possible
in him who became one of us all 
and who laid down his life for all,
Jesus Christ, our Lord.


May the Holy Spirit rest also on us, that we accept and recognize Jesus as the Lord and Savior of everyone and the light that brightens the lives of all. May almighty God bless you, the Father, and the Son, and the Holy Spirit.

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