Liturgy Alive Friday after Ash Wednesday

Friday, February 20, 2015


People in the Old Testament ask: “What is the use of fasting?” God seems not to be near when they fast. The prophet tells them because real fasting consists in justice and love. Since God has made a covenant with his people, that covenant comprises also of justice and love from one person to the other. In the Gospel, the disciples of John, who fasted, were asking the disciples of Jesus why these didn’t fast. In the other parts of the Gospel, Jesus gives an answer similar to that of the prophet, but now Jesus said that because he has come and is with his disciples, they should rejoice rather than fast.

Opening Prayer

Lord of the Covenant,
we don’t have not to fear your judgment
if like you, we become rich in mercy
and full of compassion to our neighbor.
May we not only know that you ask us,
to practice with sincere hearts
sharing our food with the hungry
and to loosen the bonds of injustice,
that through us your light may shine
and your healing spread far and wide.
Be with us in your goodness.
We ask this through Christ, our Lord.

General Intercessions

–    For the Church that she be concerned that no one is trampled upon or exploited, we pray:    
–    For the leaders of nations, that they may bring justice to their people and care for the poor, we pray:
–    For all of us, that we may have eyes, ears, and hearts for people in need and those who try to hide that they are distressed and poverty-stricken, we pray:

Prayer over the Gifts

God of mercy and compassion,
you have invited us at the table of your Son,
that we may learn from him
to share our food and ourselves
with everyone in need.
Do not allow us ever to forget
how good you have been to us
and how you let Jesus raise us up
from our selfish greed.
Let his love grow and shine among us,
for he is our Lord for ever.

Prayer after Communion

Merciful God,
we are seeking you
and we want to be close to you.
Accept our thanks that you let us find you
in the lively, challenging word of Jesus
and in his presence among us
as our food and drink of life and joy.
Make us bring him especially
to people who suffer and are in need.
Let this be the way that we
find healing and compassion,
through Christ, our Lord.


Jesus wants to stay with us as the source of our life and our joy. May we recognize his presence among us in the weak and the victims of injustice. May God bless you for this task, the Father, and the Son, and the Holy Spirit.

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