Liturgy Alive Thursday of the 6th Week of Easter

Thursday, May 14, 2015



Many people are lamenting because they do not feel the presence of God, particularly in moments of deep sorrow. At the occasion of the death of a beloved person one hears often: "Where is God now? He has deserted us!" It was a thought many Jews expressed during the "Shoah" (holocaust, literally "destruction,"). Yet some tenaciously held on to God, saying that it was God who suffered there at the hands of people.

Opening Prayer

Lord our God,
when we suffer deeply
we tend to cry out:
"My God, where are you?"
Give to us, people who believe
that your Son died for us
and by your power rose from the dead,
a faith deep and strong enough
to know that you are with us
also in the difficulties and woes of life,
even in the throes of death.
Give us this faith
through Jesus Christ our Lord.

General Intercessions

- For those responsible for our earth, that the Spirit may guide them to respect God's work of creation, its beauty and integrity, we pray:

- For people facing death, that their hope in the resurrection may assure them that God will give them everlasting life, we pray:

- For those who suffer, that they may know that God knows and that the Spirit may turn their pain into joy, we pray:

Prayer over the gifts

Our living and loving God,
when the people you had made your own
marched through the inhospitable desert,
you were there with them
and you gave them the manna to eat.
Keep us from complaining and murmuring
when the difficulties of life come our way.
Nourish us in our deserts with today's manna, 
with the body and blood of your Son,
Jesus Christ our Lord.

Prayer after Communion

Lord our God,
do not take it amiss when we cry out to you
in the deserts of our pains and loneliness.
Keep strengthening us with the food
and the drink of joy of Jesus.
And make us see your presence also
in the good people around us,
in their words of consolation and hope.
Reassure us that you lead us
to a joy and a happiness
to which there is no end.
Grant us this through Christ our Lord.

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