Liturgy Alive Friday of the 6th Week of Easter

Friday, May 15, 2015



Jesus was going to pass through his passion and death on the way to the joy of his resurrection. In him a new risen and glorious life would be born from his sufferings. The disciples would have to pass through the pains of separation from Jesus, and so there came the uncertainty of their faith as it would be violently tested, to give birth to a renewed faith and a new presence of the Lord. Similarly, the Church has constantly to pass through the childbirth of renewal, to return again and again to Christ and to the heart of his gospel, so as to be more authentically Christ to the world today. Pain is a childbirth, delivery - literally, a liberation - opening the way to new life and joy.

Opening Prayer

Lord God, merciful Father,
it is hard for us to accept pain,
for we know that you have made us
for happiness and joy.
When suffering challenges us
with a provocative "why me?"
help us to discover the depth
of our inner freedom and love
and of all the faith and loyalty
of which we are capable,
together with, and by the power of,
Jesus Christ our Lord.

General Intercessions

- May the Holy Spirit give us peace and serenity in times of pain and trial, for God has made us for joy and happiness, we pray:

- May the Spirit give us the wisdom and strength to let suffering and contradiction help us to grow in the likeness of Christ, we pray:

- May the Spirit keep us anchored in faith and joy when we are groping in the dark of misunderstanding and loneliness, we pray:

Prayer over the Gifts

Lord our God, loving Father,
we share in this eucharist
in the saving death and resurrection
of our Lord Jesus Christ.
Give us your Son as the bread of life,
that by the strength of his Spirit
we may face pain and suffering
without revolt or refusal.
Let it be for us too
the liberating pain of birth
for new life and fresh joy
that will last for ever.

Prayer after Communion

Lord God, loyal Father,
you do not ask from us the impossible
and we know that you love us.
Help us to accept the realities of life
and the demands of loyalty and love
with the strength of your Son.
Give us the courage not to refuse
the pains of renewal
in Christ and in his gospel,
that our hearts may be full of joy
that can never be taken away,
for your Son is our Lord for ever.


We have the assurance of Jesus that if we ask anything from the Father in his name, he will give it. If we had enough faith, we would never doubt or worry. May God bless you, the Father, and the Son, and the Holy Spirit.

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