Liturgy Alive Thursday 15th Week in Ordinary Time Year 1

Thursday, July 16, 2015

Opening Prayer

Unknowable God,
you are the God whom we know
by what you do for us.
God, give us eyes and hearts to see
how much you care for us, your people.
Be with us, live in us,
that we may live for you and one another
with the same respectful love
with which you have set us free
through Jesus Christ, our Lord. 

Liturgy of the Word

First Reading Introduction: I AM WHO AM.  I AM has sent me to you.
          We pay special attention today to the first reading, in which God reveals his name to Moses. God is he who is, he who is beyond any name, but who will also be known by what he does for his people, the God who told Moses: “I will lead my people out of their misery to a land flowing with milk and honey.” He is the liberating God, whose yoke is a burden of love. God is still this God for us today: totally other, and yet nearer to the human heart than anyone else can be, because he gave us our human liberty, respects it and loves us.

Gospel Reading Introduction: I am meek and humble of heart.
           The Gospel assures us that Jesus is with us and that we can go to him with our burdens and questions.

General Intercessions

–    For baptized Christians liberated by Christ, that they may not become enslaved again to evil, we pray:
–    For our Christian communities, that we may be men and women free enough of selfishness to serve one another’s needs, we pray:
–    For all of us, that we can forget ourselves for the sake of loving and helping one another, we pray:


Prayer over the Gifts

Liberating God,
you let your Son become one of us
to set us free from our self-made burdens
and to take up with us the yoke of love.
He comes among us today
in the signs of this bread and wine.
Let him lead us to a land
flowing with milk and honey,
of love freely given and freely received,
that one day, we may settle for ever
in the promised land of heaven.
We ask you this through Christ, our Lord.

Prayer after Communion

Infinite and independent God,
you let your Son become one of us
to make us autonomous and free
as you are free
because we are your image.
Continue in us, your people, your sacred history
of freedom in responsibility.
Make us free to serve you,
free and available to anyone in need,
free for justice, human dignity, and love
in Jesus, your Son and our Lord for ever.


“I will be with you,” said God to Moses. “I will be with you,” says God to us too. Our living and loving God bless you, the Father, and the Son, and the Holy Spirit.

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