Liturgy Alive ST. AMBROSE, Bishop, Doctor

Monday, December 7, 2015

ST. AMBROSE, Bishop, Doctor

December 7


Prefect of Milan, Ambrose tried to prevent a riot at the election of a new bishop of Milan to succeed the Arian bishop. Someone shouted: "Ambrose bishop!" Still a catechumen, he finally accepted the charge. He became a very good pastor, with time for everybody. In his region he could put an end to Arianism and was instrumental in preparing the conversion of St. Augustine.

Opening Prayer

        Lord our God,
        we thank you today for St. Ambrose.
        Give to your Church today
        wise and caring shepherds like him
        who speak your word to us with love and zeal.
        May pastors learn from him
        to educate their people in the faith
        with an easily understood form of preaching
        that links the life of the faithful
        to the worship they are giving to God.
        We ask this through Christ our Lord.

Prayer over the Gifts

        Lord our God,
        with bread and wine we celebrate
        how close your Son is to us.
        May he also bring the shepherds of your Church
        close to the people under their care,
        listening to them and guiding them
        with love and care to the shepherd of all,
        Jesus Christ our Lord.

Prayer after Communion

        Lord our God,
        In this eucharistic celebration
        your Son Jesus has been our teacher
        speaking to us of how you are concerned about us
        and how we can understand and love you.
        Make all bishops in the Church
        wise teachers of their people,
        with a sure hand and an understanding heart,
        who show the way to you,
        our loving God, now and for ever.

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