Liturgy Alive Saint MATTHIAS, Apostle

Saturday, May 14, 2016


Matthias was elected by the apostles to replace Judas, the traitor, because he had been a disciple of Jesus from the very beginning, from the time when Jesus was baptized by John until the ascension. His qualification was, then, that he could witness to the risen Christ. And so should we.

Opening Prayer

Lord God,
your apostle Matthias was a witness
to the life and death of Jesus Christ
and to his glorious resurrection.
May also today your people bear witness
to the life of your Son
by living his life as best as they can,
and radiating the joy
of people who are rising with him
to a new and deeper life.
We ask this through Christ our Lord.

Liturgy of the Word

General Intercessions

- That in the name of the risen Lord the Church may raise up its members and even outsiders to a new and better life, we pray:

- That the risen Lord may give us peace and serenity of heart, that in him we may have someone to live for and to make our lives meaningful, we pray:

- That the risen Lord my give peace to our Christians communities in the certainty that he stays with us and breaks for us the bread of the eucharist, we pray:

Prayer over the Gifts

Lord our God,
with bread and wine we celebrate
the presence of the Lord Jesus among us.
Let this be an assurance for us
that he wants to raise us up from our lethargy
and to make us vigorous and eager
to be a leaven in our communities
towards a life of service
and a road to deeper justice and love.
Grant us this through Jesus Christ our Lord.

Prayer after Communion

Lord God, our Father,
Jesus has spoken to us here in our eucharist
his words of good news.
Let these words become in us
deeds of good news,
and may we ourselves become good news and a blessing
to all we encounter
by our spirit of joy and forgiveness,
of service and generosity.
This we ask through Jesus Christ our Lord.


In the gospel of today, Jesus told us: "I appointed you to bear fruit, fruit that must endure." Be fruitful in your words and deeds, with the blessing of almighty God, the Father, and the Son, and the Holy Spirit.

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