Liturgy Alive Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Tuesday, May 17, 2016


Opening Prayer

Lord our God, 
you know what is in our hearts.
Purify our thoughts, change our mentality
and give us the attitude of Jesus, your Son.
Help us to identify with Jesus,
to accept suffering as a part of life
and of our efforts to establish your kingdom.
In whatever position we are,
keep us humble, trusting and simple
and may we have no other ambition
than to serve your Son in our sisters and brothers.
For he was the servant of all
and so you made him our Lord for ever.

Liturgy of the Word

First Reading Introduction
     James points to the causes of conflict and laxity within the Christian community: not outward influences, not so much different opinions, but the evil in the heart of each, like love of pleasure and of the world, envy and pride.

Gospel Introduction

      Jesus announces his passion and resurrection for the second time, but the disciples did not understand him. Do we understand? We have begun this Eucharist by placing it under the sign of the cross. Do we understand the cross, especially when it weighs on our own shoulders?) The future leaders of the Church, the disciples, are not free from dangerous defects like ambition; they seek the power of the first place in the kingdom, they do not understand that Jesus—and they, too—will have to suffer, and that service and simplicity are required to promote the kingdom.

General Intercessions

– For those who are the greatest in the Church, that they may serve with great dedication and without looking down upon the weakest, the poorest, those wounded in life, we pray:
– For the mighty of this earth, that they may care especially about the rights, the dignity and the well-being of the lowliest masses under their charge, we pray:
– For those working in lowly jobs shunned by others, for those who have unhealthy or dangerous tasks, that we may appreciate them and that the Lord may help them, we pray:

Prayer over the Gifts

Lord our God,
we bring before you ordinary food and drink,
the signs of everyday life;
and yet, in these your Son will become present here.
Is it that you wanted to teach us
that we have not to look for you
in extraordinary places and things
but in the simplicity of the familiar?
On account of your Son, accept us as we are,
just ordinary people willing to serve you.
We ask you this in the name of Jesus, the Lord.

Prayer after Communion

Our God and Father,
you have been patient with us
as Jesus was with his disciples.
When we were proud of our own achievements,
you placed before us your perfect servant, Jesus Christ,
and let us look at him and share his table.
Make us like him, straightforward, spontaneous,
and eager to serve you in our brothers and sisters.
We know that we are in your hands
and that you will support us
on account of Jesus Christ, our Lord.


That terrible hunger for power and prestige! It is doing much damage, also in the Church, in our Christian communities. May God give you rather the spirit of service and bless you, the Father, and the Son, and the Holy Spirit.

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