Liturgy Alive Friday 2nd Weed of Easter

Friday, April 28, 2017


A sign worked by Jesus and told much in detail by all the evangelists is the multiplication of the bread. In all the Gospels, it is a sign of Jesus’ sharing himself, and even more so, a figure of Jesus’ continuing self-gift in the Eucharist. What about the disciple? Let us not forget that the Eucharist is also the sign and the prefiguration, the token of Jesus’ total self-giving on the cross.

Opening Prayer

Lord, our God,
your Son, Jesus, fed
those who followed him in the desert
and they received as much as they wanted.
May we know and be convinced
that he can fill our own emptiness
not just with gifts
that fill our need of the moment,
but with himself,
and may we accept him eagerly,
for he is our Lord for ever.

General Intercessions

–    For those who left the Church or have not yet found it, that the witnessing of our evangelical living may be the food that nourishes their hunger for God, we pray:
–    For people who have enough to eat, that they be concerned to bring to those in need the food of their help, love, and justice, we pray:
–    For those who participate regularly in the Eucharist, that they may also learn and relish the food of your word, we pray:

Prayer over the Gifts

Lord, our God,
your Son Jesus, shares himself again
in these signs of bread and wine.
May he make us to our neighbor
the bread of encouragement and justice
and the drink of joy and peace.
We ask you this through Christ, our Lord.

Prayer after Communion

Father of our Lord, Jesus Christ,
you let your Son stay with us in the Eucharist
so as to live more among us
in everyday life.
Accept our thanks
and let him continue to be our strength
on the road of life
until we reach with him,
your house, our God and Father,
and live in your joy for ever.


We believe in Jesus, our Risen Lord. He nourishes us with his Word of life; may it be Good News which we want to experience and practice. He nourishes us with his Bread of life. May it prompt you to bring love and serving help to anyone in need, with the blessing of Almighty God, the Father, and the Son, and the Holy Spirit.

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