Liturgy Alive Saturday, June 15, 2019

Saturday, June 15, 2019

Opening Prayer

God our Father,
to make it possible for us, sinful people, 
to live again in your friendship, 
you let your Son Jesus Christ 
take our weakness and failures upon himself 
and die the death we deserved.
Make us your new creation through him, 
that we may no longer live for ourselves. 
Let his love move us 
to be his ambassadors of peace and forgiveness
to everyone of good will 
in the Church and in the world.
We ask you this in the name of Jesus, the Lord.

Liturgy of the Word

First Reading Introduction
     In a very dense text, Paul speaks of the ministry of reconciliation, of himself and of the Church. God has reconciled us and the world to himself; he does not accept the world in as far as it is sinful but rather draws the world to himself and makes it—and us—a new creation. All this he does through Christ, who brought us reconciliation. 
     The same ministry of reconciliation between people and God, from person to person too, has been entrusted to the Church, to all of us. Are we agents of reconciliation?

Gospel Reading Introduction

     Why do people require that at special occasions a statement be backed up by an oath? Is it because they doubt one another's sincerity and truthfulness, particularly when it matters? And if God is invoked in witness of the truth, is it always the truth that is sworn to? In the mind of Jesus, Christians should always be so reliable that there is no need for swearing oaths. We should mean what we say at all occasions.

General Intercessions

– For the Church, that it may be to this world of fallible people a constant sign of reconciliation and peace, we pray:
– For our Christian families, that they may always be places of forgiveness where people take one another as they are and where erring children are taken back with the warmth of love and joy, we pray:
– For all Christians, that we who have experienced God's forgiveness may learn to forgive one another wholeheartedly and without regrets, we pray:

Prayer over the Gifts

God, our Father,
we are gathered here to give you thanks
for restoring us to your friendship 
by the death of Jesus, your Son. 
By his body and blood, raise us up 
from our discouragement 
and half-hearted efforts, 
help us to get out of our enclosures 
and to extend to all those around us 
the same acceptance and compassionate mercy 
which you have shown us 
through Jesus Christ, our Lord.

Prayer after Communion

God our Father,
you have let us share here
the table of your Son.
It was your sign to us 
that you remember no longer 
the evil we have done
against you and our neighbor. 
Help us then, to be tolerant of one another, 
to build in trust and peace, 
bridges between friend and foe, 
and to bring a bit of your healing 
in a world in need of warmth and hope.
We ask this in the name of Jesus, the Lord.


God has reconciled us to himself through Christ. He has made us ministers, ambassadors of reconciliation. It is a difficult and very delicate task. May God give you this power and bless you, the Father, and the Son, and the Holy Spirit.

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