Liturgy Alive Saturday, May 29, 2021

Saturday, May 29, 2021

Opening Prayer

Lord our God,
you are the source of all wisdom.
Speak your word to us today
and open our hearts to it,
that we may learn to look with your eyes
to the world and to people
and that your wisdom
may guide us in all we do.
We ask you this through him you sent among us
and in whom we believe,
Jesus Christ, our Lord.

First Reading Introduction: Give me wisdom and I will give you glory.
          In the first reading, the Old Testament writer thanks God, from whom he has learned wisdom. God’s wisdom has brought him insight and happiness.

Gospel Introduction: By what authority are you doing these things?
        The Gospel shows us the Jewish leaders challenging Jesus’ authority for what he teaches and does because they feel challenged in their own authority. Jesus does not give them an answer because they are not willing to accept him anyway because they only try to justify themselves. They and we cannot understand Jesus unless we encounter and welcome and love him as a person.

General Intercessions

–    That the Church may imitate Jesus and base its authority on service and healing, we pray:
–    That those in authority may be humble and self-effacing, we pray:
–    That we may recognize authority more in goodness and mercy rather than in power, we pray:

Prayer over the Gifts

Lord our God,
you have given us your Son, Jesus,
to be with us and to show us the way to you.
Let him become to us a living person
present here among us
in these signs of bread and wine,
present also in people around us,
present in our lives
as our companion on the road to you,
for he is our Lord for ever.

Prayer after Communion

Lord our God, loving Father,
your Son, Jesus, has been with us
in this Eucharistic celebration.
Give us the wisdom and the humility
to accept your Son always
on his own terms and with his own authority.
May we thus, come to love him more
and to live the kind of life
he lived among people
as the truth and the life and the way to you,
our living and loving God for ever.


Thank God that we believe in Jesus. May we also accept those who speak in his name. We ask the Lord to increase our faith. May God bless you, the Father, and the Son, and the Holy Spirit.

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