Liturgy Alive Tuesday, June 1, 2021

Tuesday, June 1, 2021

Opening Prayer

Lord, mighty God,
you lead the world and all humanity
to their destiny in you.
Give to the leaders of the world and of our country,
a vision of the future,
that is both imaginative and realistic
and respectful of human rights and dignity.
Help us bear witness in everyday life
to the values of the Gospel
and to be involved in the work
of freedom, integrity and justice.
We ask this through Christ, our Lord.

General Intercessions

–    That justice, love, and responsible freedom may be the basis of the social order in the world and in our country, that all may live in peace and security, we pray:
–    That all citizens may have a strong sense of civic responsibility and actively participate toward the common welfare, we pray:
–    That the Church in our country may bear witness to God’s kingdom to all the nations of Asia; that our country may play a role of honor in the family of nations and cooperate towards world peace and unity, we pray:

Prayer over the Gifts

Lord our God,
we bring this bread and wine before you
as signs in which your Son, Jesus Christ,
relives his commitment to us.
May they also become the signs
of our responsibility toward our human community,
that with your Son, we may be ready
to bear witness to the values of the Gospel
and how these can lead society
to greater peace and love and friendship.
We ask this through Christ, our Lord.

Prayer after Communion

Lord our God,
you are about to send your people
gathered here around your Son
back to the human city,
to join forces with all
to build up the city of God as a leaven in the dough.
Make us sensitive to the needs of others
and help us to give to all equal chances in life,
to build up communities of friendship and love
and to warm the earth
with a touch of your gentleness.
We ask this through Christ, our Lord.


In this Eucharist, we have given thanks and praise to God not only as his people but also in the name of all humanity. May we fulfill our task of imbuing this world with the values of the Gospel, and may God bless you, the Father, and the Son, and the Holy Spirit.

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