Liturgy Alive Saturday, October 2, 2021

Saturday, October 2, 2021


October 1


Theresa Martin (1873–1897) entered the Carmel at the age of fifteen. Nine years later, she died of tuberculosis. In these few years, she lived the "little way of spiritual childhood." It is not an infantile way but one demanding great strength and much grace. She had to fight her stubbornness and to struggle with aridity and depression. Hers was the way of the little people, the poor of the beatitudes. It shows what God can do in us notwithstanding our human limitations, provided we let him.

Opening Prayer

Father in heaven,
your Son recommends to us
to have the attitude of a child
if we wish to enter into the kingdom of heaven.
We thank you for St. Theresa,
who lived the little way of the beatitudes.
As your preference goes to children and the humble,
we ask you to give us the heart of a child,
unpretentious and receptive of love,
trusting and believing in you and people,
that we may become wise with your wisdom
and grow to the full size of Jesus Christ, our Lord.


Liturgy of the Word

First Reading Introduction 
In the 2nd century before Christ, a prophet borrowing the name of Baruch makes Jerusalem speak a message of hope and joy to her scattered children in the Diaspora. God will liberate them from their infidelities.

Gospel Introduction 
In the gospel the disciples, and Jesus with them, rejoice that people have been liberated from the power of evil in the name of Jesus.

Prayer over the Gifts

Almighty and eternal God,
your Son Jesus, voluntarily gave up
all divine honors and privileges
to become one of us and die our death.
He gives himself to us here
in the form of a humble piece of bread.
Give us the attitude of Jesus,
self-effacing and respectful
before you and people
and available to all calls and needs.
We ask this through Christ, our Lord.

Prayer after Communion

No one as great as you, Lord our God,
has made oneself as small as you;
no one as distant as you
has made oneself as near to us in our weakness
as you in your Son, Jesus Christ.
Make us see your Son
and make us grow in him.
Make us unassuming and spontaneous
with you and with one another,
in trust, hope, and joy.
like Jesus Christ, our Lord.

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