davis joseph davis joseph
on 18/8/16
my family needed a form some time ago and came across a document management site that hosts lots of form templates . If others have been needing it also , here's a <code></code>.
faithful faithful
on 18/8/16
"Greatest Olympic prize is solidarity, says Pope"

I still cannot believe that the Olympic Games and the
Paralympic Games are not held at the same time. Where is the solidarity there? Surprised the Pope did not address this issue in a world where everyone wants to be treated equally and not be treated as an outsider. I am also very surprised that those who have fought and those still fighting for same sex marriage and all those who believe in same sex marriage are not saddened and speaking out against the way able bodied athletes and athletes who are enabled but born with or through an accident experience physical challenges are not part of the Olympic Games and competing together with other qualified athletes from all over the world. They are all after all athletes who have worked hard to accomplish what they do. Those fighting for gay rights and same sex marriage are always saying,"God made us the way we are and God loves us the way we are........." Then I have to ask myself how can our world accept the fact that the Paralympics are held time and again since they started in the summer of 1960 separately. And please do not say because then there will be too many athletes and not enough room for the athletes and the spectators. Such a sad excuse in a world that has made communication possible immediately with anyone, anywhere at any time. It has been 56 years since the first Paralympics took place. Haven't we had enough time to find or build venues big enough to host the Olympic Games where athletes with or without physical challenges compete and aim for the gold with the world watching at the same time!!! I am not saying that those without physical challenges have to compete against those with physical challenges. I am only saying that all olympic athletes come together at the same time! This expresses more solidarity than the way the Olympics and Paralympics are presently organized. It is way past the time that our world see that race is not the only way people are socially divided. It is sad that marriage equality for same sex couples has become more important than the long time social divisions caused by not including people born with (or through accidents) physical challenges. Like those who wanted the murderer Barabbas freed rather than Jesus, today in our society we are still welcoming wrongful deeds over good deeds!
Samuel Terseer Samuel Terseer
on 23/7/16
Hello! This is an interesting sharing. Forgiveness is what we are thought by God himself and if we love our friends and forgive them then we can be love and given when we does wrong by our father in heaven. Thanks.
Uzoemeka Felix Uzoemeka Felix
on 17/7/16
I think, our Lord Jesus Christ feels happier to see his people close to him listening to his voice, so that they will always follow his directives. And not that attending to our guest is not wort it rather we should not prefer circular life to our Christian task.
on 13/6/16
This claim that Jesus was some sort of political zealot is incorrect.

"Render unto Caesar the things that are Caesar's, and unto God the things that are God's."

Also: "My kingdom is not of this world."

Instead, he is more of a drop-out, advocating a radically personal search for an internal truth.