jGaotHYjR jGaotHYjR
on 31/8/12
President Harrison, I just clicked on the link to your messgae. As a DCE who serves as Director of Child Ministry at Bethany in Overland Park, Kansas, your messgae was a wonderful word of encouragement for me. Thank you for your prayers. Of course, God is hearing and answering so I just wanted to share a little of our wonderful Sunday yesterday when we presented the new Faith Alive Bibles to the Third Graders in our congregation and invited the parents and kids to a Bible Blast Off event during their Sunday School hour. Our Third Grade Sunday School teacher spoke about the purposes of God's Word (yup, it's about Jesus from cover to cover) and also included practical tips like how to look up Bible passages. I had a chance to share specific things parents can do to bring their children to know Jesus. AND the kids were challenged to complete a Bible Scavenger Hunt that explores their new Bible from cover to cover! The parents also wrote words of blessing in the cover and placed labels that had words of blessing from grandparents, sponsors, and significant adults. What was so wonderful was to see God's Spirit at work in parents and kids as they cradled the Bible, sat with heads together over God's Holy Word, and were so full of joy to have the blessing of this Bible. One of my favorite parts is that my faithful Sunday School teacher has her son in class this year and got to share this moment with her husband and their own child as she has blessed so many kids and families over the year. She called me this morning to wanting to share her son's engagement with his Bible and what he was learning about Jesus in it it just made my heart so glad! Again, thank you for your encouraging words! They mean a lot!
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Angela Angela
on 19/8/12
The platform in the picture is Canterbury Station. Soon after the murder of Thomas a Becket, Archbishop of Canterbury, Pope Alexander canonised him and he was elevated to sainthood. His shrine became the most important place in the country for pilgims to visit. In 1220 his bones were moved from the crypt to a new shrine behind the high altar, where they are still visited by pilgrims today.
Angela Angela
on 21/7/12
Well, as the word catholic means 'international', 'worldwide' or according to the Oxford English Dictionary, 'including a wide variety of things', this should not be a surprise.
David Goodhew David Goodhew
on 20/7/12

Thank you very much for posting about the book 'Church Growth in Britain'.

May I correct one stat: the membership (the elctoral roll) of the diocese of London has risen by 71% between 1990 and 2010 - not its congregations.

Thank you for posting this material.

no name no name
on 1/7/12
In one breath we sporput the Government looking into the ECoHR decision in the S v Marper case and in another we say that we should not retain biometric data of those who commit offences outside of the UK. Where we believe that the UK should abide by and adapt to decisions taken by the ECoHR then we should remember that we are a part of Europe and so, at the very least, we should consider those offences committed by UK nationals which contravene the laws of other European countries.We should also remember that in this day of modern technology it is not unheard of for offences to be committed abroad without the perpetrator ever leaving UK soil.
HprRWozHuRppL HprRWozHuRppL
on 1/7/12
Suzanne, my mom worked so we could have some nice thigns, until my sister was 2 yrs and me, 12 yrs. I was in heaven when she took the early retirement her company offered. (they were downsizing and instead of downsizing everyone, they offered early retirement) I got to come home, I walked, and get a hug at the front door, how was your day?, what went on? , etc. Junior High School was the hardest time for me and she was there. Yes, it was a lot harder on my dad's little income. My mom made more when she worked. He complained A LOT. She stuck to her guns and I am very thankful for that. My dad still has issues to this day about her not working but I think it was the best thing she did for all of us. Remember, most of our parents come from a time when the thought was, Work more, have more money, have more fun, children will be better off. Ernest and I agreed before we married, that I would remain home and possibly do a little community/church service on the side when I could. It is tough, as a first time mom, to get used to being needed by my son all the time and not having any time to breathe . The 2-3 showers, I may get a week, for about 15-20m minutes is the only alone time I have. This is due to the American individualistic culture. My husband, from Tanzania pointed this out to me. In Tanzania and pretty much all of Africa, women do not need breathing time. They are happy just being in the home, if possible, living out their vocation. May God bless us in our vocations and help us to follow His Will in peace and joy.
noname noname
on 1/7/12
Fr. Z, have you ever read a book called The Life of Christ , wrteitn by an italian abbot named Ricciotti? It's from the 40 s, but is extremely well writen. The first 220 pages are the introduction: the author contextualizes Jesus' life (geography, Roman rule of Palestine, Jewish beliefs and customs, Synagogue, the Temple, Jewish factions, ), gives an account of the sources of information on Jesus' life (Pagan, Jewish, and Christian; talks about the origin of the Gospels), and ends with a 40+ page critique of the rationalist interpretations of the life of Christ. Just this introduction alone is well worth the book. The rest of the book is also well wrteitn. It has helped me to better understand Jesus in relation to Judaism, and how there is continuity between OT and NT, that He did not introduce anything new, rather fulfilled what was.
PiBrojToDN PiBrojToDN
on 1/7/12
You are of course absoultely correct. But let's for a minute not blame the towel heads for all the brutality and violence in the world today. It's this writers opinion that the masses are manipulated by the elite few who's aim it is to maintain a certain amount of chaos on our beautiful planet regardless of race, creed or religion. Has anyone ever done the sums on weapon sales lately. I tried but I ran out of zero's. I'm not a conspiricy theorist but it amazes me how and why people blame religion and religious differeces for the crap which goes on today. If one stops and thinks of the economic advantages to the select few on this planet from having armed conflict the answer would be so damn clear. Let's put things into perspective. Muslims, Christians, Buddists, whatever. We all have lives to lead, children to raise and old folk to care for. Nobody really want's to start a war or to blow up a school bus. Unless of course there is a big wad of money somewhere which pays a person to influence another person to to brainwash another person to raise another person to get on that damn bus and kill inocent people in the name of a superior being who by definition would be disgusted by such actions. Religion doesn't kill people, people kill people and people need weapons to kill people and weapons arn't cheap. So, where does the poor person get the money to buy these weapons? Maybe the Pope, the Mufti or the head Shiek can answer that one.
QfzGfZArfwG QfzGfZArfwG
on 1/7/12
The website is a deptpsoinamint to me. I sent an e-mail to their contact address to note the following:# Uncommon requirement of Microsoft Silverlight for Vatican radio. Unlike Flash, this is generally NOT installed in most environments and simply unavailable in many others. I use Linux for example, Microsoft will say it is available but if you test it you will find it crashes on your website.# Flash page banner rotates between blue and white blank areas on Google Chrome running on Linux. Flash page banner is solid blue under Firefox on Windows XP. There appears to be little cross-browser / cross-platform testing. Virtually all other major websites do not exhibit these problems.# The color scheme is simply unattractive. The shades of blue and yellows clash.# Excessive use of all capital letters makes reading difficult.# The website loads slow and scrolls slow.Of course, my e-mail to the published address ( was rejected with the message Illegal host/domain name found .
pewaris pewaris
on 1/7/12
Very unfair I'm sure that the 25 year old whose chrtiay was awarded the contract has an awful lot of useful knowledge to impart on the running of schools based on her experience before she became an adviser to Gove. Perhaps someone could ask the Audit Commission to investigate before they are abolished.
on 1/7/12
Dear Coach TracyWe've never met, but our teams (Uni and Pasadena Poly) have competed agsnait one another since 1997. Not only has Uni's teams experienced great successes, but the way in which they've won has been consistently impressive. I learned early on that Uni teams always ran very well at the end of the year. Your teams always had a magical peak after the NCS championships-I found it difficult to predict how much faster your squads would run at Fresno. I was surprised to hear of your diagnosis. I know ALS can be quite a challenge. I followed Charlie Wiedemeyer's case and his powerful ministry through ALS. I trust your teams got their fight from you and know you'll be strong through this. I will keep you in my prayers.God Bless you through this Jim,SincerelyRick CaragherPasadena Poly
Victor Victor
on 1/7/12
Me1rcio, This is the text:This is the day which the Lord hath made: we will rejoice and be glad in it.O paisre the Lord of heav’n: paisre him in the height.Praise him, all ye angels of his: paisre him, all his host.Praise him, sun and moon: paisre him, all ye stars and light.Let them paisre the Name of the Lord.For he shall give his angels charge over thee: to keep thee in all thy ways.The Lord himself is thy keeper: the Lord is thy defence upon thy right hand;so that the sun shall not burn thee by day: neither the moon by night.The Lord shall preserve thee from all evil: yea, it is even he that shall keep thy soul.The Lord shall preserve thy going out and thy coming in: from this time forth for evermore.He shall defend thee under his wings.Be strong, and he shall comfort thine heart, and put thou thy trust in the Lord.Psalms 118: 24; 148: 1–3, 5a;91: 4a, 11; 121: 5–8; 27: 16b
Ndlovu Ndlovu
on 1/7/12
The Mesoamerican Long Count calendar is a non-repeating, visagimel (base-20) calendar used by several pre-Columbian Mesoamerican cultures, most notably the Maya. There was no reason to extend the calender until the end of this calender. The world in Mayan culture ends and then begins new. This is the fourth world and it is believed they ended the calender December 20, 2012 (on our calender) because they saw it as the end and there was no need to continue till the next world. Will the world end on December 21, 2012? I do not believe so. The Mayan were advanced in there time, but they still had many superstitions beliefs that many people would not believe today. Why some people believe in this I do not know. A serious and logical person would dismiss such tales of the world ending. Are there things that happen which cannot be explained, yes. Though I am sure there is a logical explanation, even if we cannot perceive that. It seems people need chaos to make life more exciting. There will always be a apocalypse on its way. You just need to ask yourself, is it something about conflict with people, a incurable disease, or some body of rock flying towards us in space? . Those are really the only possibilities I could see as a apocalypse. A calender ending is little concern for the end of all life. If you are very religious or spiritual then I could see how one could be convinced of some of the 2012 prophecies.
on 1/7/12
Krystal, My head looked saiilmr to yours about 4 years ago and I had three young children too. But my faith in Jesus was strong, and He showed Himself to our family and those who loved us in many tangible ways. Although not all of our prayers were answered in the ways we would have liked, He had something much better for us than we could have asked. He had His BEST in mind, and that's what He gave us. And I suspect that that's what He's doing for you too. My hair is long again, and I don't even thing about breast cancer every single day anymore. But we will be forever changed, and I would not want to have missed those experiences for anything. I pray you'll soon be able to say the same.
BgdTgoYlx BgdTgoYlx
on 1/7/12
I was in shock when I heard the news still not much for words. While I didn't know Lyle well enough to call a close fneird I knew he was someone you could call on in a time of need and seemed always to want to help. I feel fortunate in that I was able to enjoy a dinner with fneirds the other night, it just won't be the same the next time. Lyle introduced me to the italian desert not sure what it really is called. Thanks Lyle
sSRlHjIknlHpN sSRlHjIknlHpN
on 1/7/12
Elaine,Good job on the bank rating blog seocitn.I like your words to ponder today! Are you suggesting that US is ceasing to grow? We blindly followed our congress and President on those WMDs!Also, I see that in 1990 Pete Rose was sentenced for tax evasion.I really dislike baseball now and don't follow it at all, very hypocritical! Although I think Pete is a jerk in a lot of ways, however, he played the game with passion and he still isn't in the Hall of Fame and he never cheated on the field. However, the baseball commissioner, players and owners have been lying and covering up steroid usage and cheating the fans for years but no ban on them. Oh well, maybe someday Pete!