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Nanette Babyak Nanette Babyak
on 19/5/19
I have been a Sister Wendy fan for many years. She had a lovely way of explaining the meaning of art and it’s impact on the reader, listener, and the world. She gave me a fresh look at each pice of art that was subjected to her insightful critique. RIP Sister Wendy+
Uche Ejimeke Uche Ejimeke
on 10/3/19
Honestly, it's impossible for anyone who doesn't know the word of God, who doesn't know God through the doing of his will to overcome the temptations of life and grow in God. Because that is the only secret Jesus conquered his. He who knows God will know when the devil has come with his lies and tricks. I have by God's grace conquered a lot of trials and bet me, it's fun and I thank God who is always with me. The reason I said it's fun is because I no longer see it as temptation, it's now like life itself for me in Christ, I found growth and fulfillment in it. I may say, I'm always expecting it. Thank you Father for this reflection, it revealed a lot to me and make me touch it with reality. God bless you all. Happy Sunday
Uche Ejimeke Uche Ejimeke
on 10/3/19
I'm so glad I found the Lord's voice when I come across this site. I'm the type that seeks the Lord and his will through his word, but was passing through a very serious life crises that i can't even think let alone meditate, so all I needed isn't any human voice but a reflection of today's reading, I begin the search and found this site. I'm so happy because now I know what to do, the heavy burden on my soul is lifted, praise be to you Lord Jesus Christ! I feel I should share my healing with you all, pls thank God for me. May the good Lord bless you all through whom he reached out to me and the whole world. Long live!i will alway keep in touch everyday, you're my companion now hahaha.
Akunamagulse Akunamagulse
on 1/3/19
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Maria J. Maria J.
on 19/2/19
We are now in February 2019, please, please help to negotiate with Pope Francis, the Head of our Church, to have compassion for the contemplative nuns who wants to stay close to Jesus in silence & solitude as they appreciate this as great loved-gift from God to them; allow them not to go out to join federations etc. etc. as the last part of COR ORANS strongly demands them to let go their long, long-lived Prayer-life which does not look like from our dear Lord, but more like from bad spirits who wish to terminate their unique life of close union with Jesus given to few chosen souls. . Pope Francis needs to protect these consecrated souls, respect their freedom to preserve their prayer-life, so please help to beg Pope Francis to guard the cloistered nuns from being forced to turn the backs to Jesus! Lord, have mercy!
Ken Oldenski Ken Oldenski
on 12/2/19
Perhaps Jesus was implying to the Gentile woman---"don't you know that some Jewish extremists call Gentile people the demeaning name 'dog' behind your back?" Then in a joking manner she said, " Lord, even the dogs under the table eat the children's scraps." Jesus enjoyed her sense of humor.
Egbe D . O Egbe D . O
on 27/1/19
In the first place, i love Catholic church to the core. What Mother Teresa said here is true. My fellow faithful in Christ Jesus let us live a life of emulation, Love, Charity and Peace. WE ARE ALL BLESSED IN JESUS NAME... AMEN.
KandyWipsy KandyWipsy
on 26/1/19
I'd decided to group alongside anyone engrossed to snatching fresh involved in familiar problems relating our craft, associate me through my page if you think the same.
Louis Scurti Louis Scurti
on 25/1/19
I refer to your site daily for the daily readings as I prepare for mass. Very often I continue with reading the short Catholic articles, which are positive & enlightening! Thank you, with your permission I would like to put the link to your on our pages: Thank you, Fr Lou Scurti (
Arora Chai Arora Chai
on 23/10/18
Hi, Maria J. I like your sharing of COR ORANS, yes I pray the devil will not succeed to kill the good sincere contemplative nuns who are the important heart of the mystical Body of Christ. They must not be forced to turn their back to Christ but be respected to stay put to their deep contemplative life as God has given them this consecrated vocation. God never forces people but respects their "freedom" even He loves them and wants them to be with Him in heaven after their earthly life, right?