Sol Alano Sol Alano
on 3/10/13
Lessons learned to make it through this day...

- The willingness to know what is the BETTER choice
- Not to insist but just give them a piece of my mind
- To leave them something to think about, pray for and discern

Nobody owns anybody's heart but GOD...
Sol Alano Sol Alano
on 2/10/13
Radical commitment... Personally, this calls for HUMILITY. That is, as an active person, ready to put things into action, with a disposition that nothing is impossible when I put my heart into it, sometimes forgetting that there are other people who are in command - humility...

The first reading today reminds of these and I am truly grateful: 1. That any action must be a fruit of a deep prayer and discernment
2. Acknowledge the authority/superior and what they can do
3. Receive even the assignment as a favor
4. Know and be convinced of what you are doing
5. Display gratefulness to God thru the authority / superior

Then, administer the bounty of this earth with total detachment.
Sol Alano Sol Alano
on 1/10/13
Growing weary about what is happening around the world, knowing that a lot of people are suffering because they are made to suffer, foreign intervention in internal arm conflicts that triggers more violence, and the religious are not spared, they too make others suffer because of their own sufferings and bitterness inside forgetting their vows, and me ... disillusioned, like James and John, can't help but call upon the forces of nature to wash the face of the earth of all that is filthy so everything will be new again! violence! - how many of us are thinking this way? Lord, save us...
Sol Alano Sol Alano
on 27/9/13
Jesus' question to his disciples is the same question that I usually encounter during spiritual exercises and I feel so elated with the written reflections that I usually have. I use highly "romanticized" words to describe Him, it's like experiencing Transfiguration. But when I come face to face with the reality of WHO really Jesus is- especially in dealing with people as imperfect as I am, things get so rough that the knowledge of the Resurrection is not really enough. Faith in the resurrection - yes - resurrection - the reward!

But I would like to believe that any reward should not be at the end of a process but must go along with the process, that is, side by side with suffering is resurrection - this works more for me. I hope I don't sound heretic here.
vimala vimala
on 24/9/13
The goal of formation is "to prepare committed Christians, convinced religious and zealous missionaries." Formation is a path of gradual identification with the attitude of Christ towards the Father and his mission for the salvation of humanity. Thus the religious formation is designed to achieve this identification with Christ in mind and heart. It is to prepare the candidate to witness to Christ in the world. Formation is for mission.
vimala vimala
on 24/9/13
The goal of formation is "to prepare committed Christians, convinced religious and zealous missionaries." Formation is a path of gradual identification with the attitude of Christ towards the Father and his mission for the salvation of humanity. Thus the religious formation is designed to achieve this identification with Christ in mind and heart. It is to prepare the candidate to witness to Christ in the world. Formation is for mission.
Sol Alano Sol Alano
on 24/9/13
"Love knows no boundaries" as the famous quote goes.
In the light of today's Gospel, this gives me a knew meaning far from its romantic understanding.'

Yes, I set boundaries when I cannot tolerate even my own mistakes, mush more the mistakes of others. Impatience about the seemingly unfavorable result of a decision made by a colleague, a long list of if's and buts .

The Gospel simply tells me not to set any condition in terms of my relationship with my community, to allow myself and others to be the person that God meant me and others to be.

Sol Alano Sol Alano
on 20/9/13
The first reading sends me a very strong message: SIMPLICITY is a CHOICE, a choice motivated by LOVE. It is so easy to be simple if one is financially incapable or when one is trained as a child to really be simple in everything. Simplicity demands detachment from everything including those that truly matter - the basic human needs.

But when one professes and opt to choose simplicity in the midst of a world where its dictate is to "upgrade" and follow the streams where you can easily "quenched your thirst" for anything, that choice becomes as turgid as a balloon filled with water, anytime it can burst and give in to what is satisfying and enormous COMPLICATIONS come one after the other.

As a faithful who tries to live and follow the teachings of the Lord, I can only hope and pray that the community where I belong is one source of encouragement and the people that I am working with everyday, imperfect as I am, will continue to be my companions in the journey - putting LOVE as the ONLY reason for our being and doing.
Sol Alano Sol Alano
on 19/9/13
In the past 10 days, monitoring the Zamboanga siege, it is easy to lose confidence in the government. It is more easy to assess the situation as fake war, moro-moro, connivance for easy money from the USAid and more. It is even more easy to ask where is God in this situation! I found myself not praying but asking and complaining.

I never thought of the strength and courage that our Lady Mayor and her Council show to us everyday, the Army and the Police holding their grounds in a defensive mode, no reported chaos nor stampede in the evacuation centers especially those holding around 70 thousand evacuees, thousands of prayers posted in the networking sites, gathering of relief goods all over the country sending them to Zamboanga, and most of all young Claretian Missionaries holding their ground, committed to stay and safeguard their flock - never to leave the fold.

Alas! There are a lot of reasons to be grateful for! This is where God is - this is what He is doing!

In this 10th day of arm conflict - I pray that we change our focus - from our sufferings to what God is doing thru those who are helping us, encourage us, and give us hope that the situation will soon be back to normal and once again we all live in peace.

Sol Alano Sol Alano
on 18/9/13
I think God has no deadline in His plan of action for me. He knows me so well and He waits till I am ready.
I always wonder what is His plan for me, until I noticed that I have kept delaying His plan.
It is so difficult to go with the motions of the day under His plan without a pause for reflection. I believe that, unless this becomes a habit for me, I will keep on asking and missing the graces that is just right in front of my face.

Today , I pray for a deeper intimacy with God so I can truly walk with Him as I fulfill my duties everyday. Doing His will not my will.
Sol Alano Sol Alano
on 17/9/13
This is the 9th day of the Zamboanga siege. And more than anything else, my heart is bleeding for the people who are the victims of " humanity's desire for independence and freedom". My heart bleeds more for my unbelief, loose of confidence on the sincerity of the government to end the peoples' suffering. I couldn't help myself asking these questions: what are the conditions for a USAid? for IMF, for a country to receive billion of dollars?

Today's Gospel reminds me that we have a God who is with us in all our sufferings as well as joys. He is there to love and to heal, to accompany and to transform.

I also pray for the courage to choose to change. To change the way I see and think and give this government the benefit of the doubt.

Lord, heal our land and transform the hearts of our people especially those who are given the office to mind the needs of this country. Amen.
Sol Alano Sol Alano
on 16/9/13
Indeed each new day brings new discoveries, if we listen. Last night I wished Peace for a friend who is experiencing this great turmoil in Zamboanga City. May God's people experience healing and once again live in Peace.

Today's Gospel made me realized, that my dilemma is not about faith in Him, but about patience and humility. Which in effect making Him as the "last resort" to set things right. And this is aggravated by this " great age of technology" when everything is just a "click" away. The process is so fast while in a person the process takes a lifetime!

I couldn't tolerate educators displaying beastly behavior.
I couldn't tolerate ordained ministers compromising their vows.
I couldn't tolerate servants forgetting the poor!

A long list of intolerance... of things that I also do, that in all of these GOD is so patient to bring into completion His works in me.

Teach me humility O Lord. Infuse into my heart the kind of love that you have for me so I may know patience. And remind me that the results of my faith is a process, a death of one thing so a new life could begin. Amen.

Sol Alano Sol Alano
on 13/9/13
Time, talent, treasure - "Give all to God or nothing at all." A quote from the book I read 18 years ago (The Three Religious Rebels) and continues until today as my battle cry.

As an ordinary lay person, trying hard to serve according to my capacity and enormous flaws , flaws that are reflected in my day to day dealing with my companions in this same journey.

For most part of the journey, I have been VERY busy looking for those virtues that I don't have, in them. Tiring...

Time to change course. Will supply it myself so I won't look for it in others and criticize them for what they do not have which I also do not have.
Sol Alano Sol Alano
on 12/9/13
For me, this is Jesus' most radical teaching. Reading the Gospel in the context of injustice to the point of killing people psychologically and spiritually by creating and perpetuating unjust structures - the Gospel would sound masochistic to me.

But in my heart of hearts, I know that this is not what it means.

I am radical, but this kind of radicalism is supra difficult as it simply means to really forget myself and put on Christ. To me, this is literally putting on Christ! by the grace of God.

Help me God.
Sol Alano Sol Alano
on 11/9/13
Col 3:1-11, this hit me "rock bottom" today coupled with John Michael Talbot's Psalm 51.

Fortunate... immersed in the reality of the great sufferings of people because of those who profess to serve them are doing the opposite, sufferings because of those who made their solemn vows give in to their weaknesses, sufferings because of too much pain the poor could not reconcile what the Church is teaching about a compassionate God vis a vis their situation, a long list of sufferings...

And I am fortunate because I know all these?

"Teach me your ways, O Lord."
Sol Alano Sol Alano
on 10/9/13
Today's Gospel is a strong reminder to me of how God RISK on me. To walk, root, and build in Him. To establish faith and and be full of gratefulness.
Risk, because I can never perfect the task that He instructed me to do, that is in perfecting myself.
He chose me despite the fact that I roar like a thunder, slash like a lightning, scorch like the sun, burn like an ember and wallow like a beast. What a God!
Thus I easily get discouraged and depressed when things do not run the way I want.
In humility, I realized that in my imperfections He will make things perfect if I cooperate, if I listen...
Pray, I must!
Sol Alano Sol Alano
on 9/9/13
Zamboanga City, my birthplace is under attack today... Lord please heal our land. Heal the people of their desire to dominate.

Strengthen those who are constantly working for peace especially the youth. Guard their hearts so they may not lose hope in the face of this "adult" struggle for power.

Keep the soul of those who died today. May they lay to rest in your Heart. Amen.

Sol Alano Sol Alano
on 7/9/13
Holding on and too tightly on laws, policies and the like really is a sure sign of insecurity. Doing so is the best and safest way to operate without or with minimal mistakes thus lesser or no accountability at all to whoever.
But is it humane? Legal, but is it moral?
For me, it is truly difficult to balance between integrity and basic human needs without FAITH.

Faith in Him who knows everything before I even think of it, before I even utter the word...
Sol Alano Sol Alano
on 6/9/13
Resistance to change. Personally, this is my predicament sometimes especially if it involves structures long built by time. But in my experience, for me to effect a significant change for a significant impact humility must come in. Accepting that, I have to move from success to significance in my work and eventually grow from doing into being.
Truly a change of heart is a must. And for those tasked by the Lord to bring a change to any institution or structure, must also remember that even the Lord prepared his disciples and much more his Apostles for that radical change in their life and the life of all humanity and of all generations.

Significant change will have its significant impact when it eventually brings thanksgiving to the hearts of those who initially do not want any change.