angela angela
on 15/1/13
What about the 1000 priests who signed the letter to the Telegraph about the new marriage laws ? Are they just falling into step with the crowd and won't they have prayed first ?
bro robert bro robert
on 25/12/12
You know why the church calls the Christmas period a CYCLE and not a CIRCLE?..Its because whereas both go round, unlike a circle which comes back to the very same starting point, a cycle goes round but to a point ahead it is progressive ..that’s what 25th Dec and the Solemnity of Nativity is repeats itself as a date but never as a life experience. Every time you celebrate a are never the same person the challenges you are facing notwithstanding. What a divine ingenuity !!!! it is for this reason that I want to thank the Lord for you as He is born again in your life experiences , in your joys and agonies, victories and defeats…he still surfaces and enthrones himself as the Lord of peace . And today I just pray that peace may prevail in lows and highs of the cycles of your life experiences so that hope and joy will triumph even in the most challenging moments. Blessed nativity confreres
kQrpBogwYxtZt kQrpBogwYxtZt
on 17/11/12
Well if we are talking about lost kids that don't have godly petanrs... as a missionary (now SAHM and wife to a missionary) with Child Evangelism Fellowship I must say you (the church) must go to the kids. It's not good enough to teach sunday school classes of kids "About" Jesus. You MUST share the Gospel with them! Most of our churches teach Bible stories to children... which obviously I have no issues with... but I bet the reason these kids end up leaving is because they never became Christians! As someone who taught kids sunday school for a long time I can tell you most of the curriculum DOES NOT share the gospel... or it does once every 5 weeks or something like that. That isn't good enough! You can't expect kids to stay in church if they never accepted Christ as their personal Savior. For kids outside of the church? Go to where they are. Schools (yes you can do it, visit community centers, parks, wherever kids are and tell them why Jesus came.Kids should know Bible Stories but if they don't know the Gospel then they can't be saved and won't stay in church.
gesTwxtNyJD gesTwxtNyJD
on 17/11/12
With the no. of military men as misietnrs & ceos, one can hardly see any change. These military men have been with top-down structure all their lives.Wikipedia is a good example. There's no top-down structure giving orders down the line. People work collaboratively to create world's biggest encylopedia.Wikipedia would not have exist with command & control structure. Such structure are getting less & less relevant in these days.
UzylJSDmqbtmWSs UzylJSDmqbtmWSs
on 17/11/12
I've never had to address cmonumion with my daughter before, as she's always been in the nursery or childrens' church during it. However, this past Sunday, they brought the kids in from childrens' church (w/o warning the parents they were going to do so), so I had to quietly explain to my daughter that she wasn't old enough yet to have any. Though she has trust Christ as her Savior, I feel it is best to have her wait til she's a bit older (probably around age 5, as that is also when I was allowed to start) to partake in cmonumion. The issue came up again today at Aldi, when I bought some oyster crackers (what our church uses for the bread). I had an opportunity to then explain to her what cmonumion is about and why I wanted her to wait. Communion and baptism are both important to observe, but I feel it is best to have my children be able to explain WHY to me before allowing them to blindly observe them.Ashley Pichea recently posted..
on 17/11/12
Dear Steve,We welcome your psrcenee if you're truly interested in serious discussion. However, denigrating Blogs another such as you did with Blogslave is not acceptable behavior here. Blogslave is a very valued and beloved person here in the ECC.Our church has a valid apostolic succession, deriving from the Old Catholic movement in Europe from 1870, as a response to the First Vatican Council's pronouncement of papal infallibility and primacy of papal jurisdiction over all. We seek to return to an episcopal structure that was seen in the ancient church. You might consider reading Francis A. Sullivan, SJ (2001). From Apostles to Bishops: The Development of the Episcopacy in the Early Church. Mahwah, NJ: The Newman Press. We also have excellent scholars of our own, and you might look at our on-line journal, The Progressive Catholic Review. In particular, Raphael Adams, OSF wrote an article, “Recovering and Revisioning the Office of Bishop.” And Fr. (Rev. Doctor) James Farris, “The Excellence of Synodal Polity.”If you are attempting to persuade “fallen away Roman Catholics” to return to your church, your denigrating attitudes will not convince. We are not “cafeteria catholics” nor are we a people who haven’t carefully studied, gone through discernment and prayer to reach the place where we are. If you think this was a casual decision, you would be sadly mistaken. Many of our priests were previously RCC priests who left for a variety of reasons, some because of the celibacy requirement that didn’t exist in the first thousand years, or others because serving the people was perceived as a lost goal, which had become more one of authoritarian control. Our Presiding Bishop and other bishops in the ECC are chosen by the House of Laity and the House of Pastors, and is not a “top down” polity.Leaving Rome was not simply based on emotions or avoidance of spiritual discipline by our former RCC adherents who have chosen to become Ecumenical Catholics. We honor and respect the Pope and in fact, we pray for him at every Mass we celebrate, along with the bishops of the Eastern Orthodox Churches, and others. And, some of our priests came out of protestant backgrounds and have embraced the catholic faith tradition which we practice.So, I pray that you’ll be willing to engage in respectful discussion, but if not, we bless you and send you on your way, but please do not ridicule other people on this blog.Shalom,M-J+
zTnAcbweT zTnAcbweT
on 17/11/12
Sure. Now, each muslim corntuy has its own wedding traditions. So Egyptians are different from the Moroccans who are different from the Iranians and different from the Iraqis. You said his family are strict, so I'm guessing it's not going to be a mixed (men and women) wedding. But you still can have a mixed wedding. First, the wedding gown should not be too revealing if it's going to be mixed. Look for something that doesn't show your cleavage and back. Usually, the women would gather first in the ballroom, dancing, singing and congratulating the groom's and bride's mothers and immediate families. The bride then would enter the ballroom, she walks slowly to where she's supposed to sit which a little stage with two chairs, one for the groom and the other for the bride. Once she gets their, the wedding guests would continue dancing and start taking photos with the bride. After an hour or so, the groom would enter the ballroom, accompanied with his male relatives (his father, brothers, uncles, and some close friends) and also her male relatives (her father, brothers, uncles). They would walk him all the way to the stage where he's supposed to sit next to you. Once he get on the stage, he would lift your white vail, and kiss you on your forehead. And then all the men would line up to kiss him and congratulate him. His father is most certainly allowed to kiss you on the cheek. Then the men would dance together celebrating the end of the single-life for the groom, whilst the women clapping and singing along. Now, some less strict families would allow the men to remain in the ballroom until the end of the wedding, others will not. Once they bring in the cake, the bride and groom would cut it together, you must have one bite. Cutting the cake is usually the end of the wedding. They'll then hold each other hands and walk together to leave the ballroom to their hotel room accompanied with their relatives who would clap and sing. P.S I'm half Iraqi, by the way.
tDhLjMQrz tDhLjMQrz
on 16/11/12
Why is anyone tainlkg about pathetic failure of religous beliefs? You might as well wallow in the dirt like some ignorant savages. The time for being controlled slaves is 100 years ago. So not fall victim to magic and bullshit.No-religion is the one defining thing that the red communists got correct!
MqkxmrfXoG MqkxmrfXoG
on 16/11/12
Carolan Freeman wrote:Shannon’s story was very inspiring that in the end,when she had been preessd to her limit,she turned it all over to God,amen.She struggled with being second and not understanding and just needing to be accepted.In her desperation,she turned to a father figure,which just made her lonliness and grief worse.Many times,we look to others and to different things to fill the voids in our lives,however,we only find that peace and comfort that we need,when we give it all to Christ and lean on Him…amen
zojphbjmkTq zojphbjmkTq
on 16/11/12
If inrfoamtion were soccer, this would be a goooooal!
NmaycWXEvKLubN NmaycWXEvKLubN
on 16/11/12
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