on 13/6/16
This claim that Jesus was some sort of political zealot is incorrect.

"Render unto Caesar the things that are Caesar's, and unto God the things that are God's."

Also: "My kingdom is not of this world."

Instead, he is more of a drop-out, advocating a radically personal search for an internal truth.

omar Quitian Me omar Quitian Me
on 30/5/16
gracias por esta página hay puede uno alimentar el espíritu. ya que cuando uno se encuentra apartado o alejado de el pueblo para ir a escuchar la palabra de Dios. yo la leo ahí antes de salir para el trabajo .. yo trabajo en el campo gracias
Ma.Shaun Ma.Shaun
on 27/3/16
How blessed are we , if like the women who met Jesus ,we too will hasten to bring the good news to others and do acts of mercy and compassion to our neighbors
Michael Michael
on 3/3/16
Thank you for your strong words. Only if our Parish Priest spoke that strongly. It is sad that they don't because people would flock to His church because of his strong words. Look at how many people subscribe to Orthodox magazines our come to your webpage to read your homily. Why? Because they get to hear or read the truth sqq something that is far to rare. May God bless you and your parishioners as you continue to share His word from the page and from your mouth. Amen.
Diana Simpao Diana Simpao
on 21/2/16
Dear God,
I choose to use my free will always in total accord with your Divine Will.
Thankyou then,for free flowing wisdom,commonsense in all choices of action and inaction.
Co3bBNAbVi Co3bBNAbVi
on 15/2/16
Thank you so much for feaadturading Jason Crabb in the Denadver Post!a0 He has sung for years with his famadily, The Crabb Famadily and has venadtured on to a solo career.a0 He has the most powaderadful voice, etomion-stirring voice and truly loves God.a0 He has won Gramadmies and Dove Awards and is very deservading of these.a0 Anyadone who expeadriadences one of Jason’s conadcerts come away being blessed and feelading the presadence of God.a0 We are very foradtuadnate to have such a fanadtasadtic singer and such a proadfound speaker for God.a0 His new CD/DVD is absolutely awesome!!!
BKvXQuE2q3 BKvXQuE2q3
on 15/2/16
At last the education dept has woken up to the fact that e-safety is cctriial to the well being of both an individual and school as a whole. I've been working with schools over the past 4 years who just bury their heads in the sand or quote we've got know money'. They spend fortunes on printer ink but almost nothing for a state of the art monitoring system. Parents should learn what’s out there and insist that the school has all the tools available to make it safe and secure for our children. Bishop Bell turned down the opportunity to asses let alone purchase just such a system 18 months ago. Securus can spot the spark or flame well before it starts to make smoke, avoiding the fire that they have then to put out. Tony