zTnAcbweT zTnAcbweT
on 17/11/12
Sure. Now, each muslim corntuy has its own wedding traditions. So Egyptians are different from the Moroccans who are different from the Iranians and different from the Iraqis. You said his family are strict, so I'm guessing it's not going to be a mixed (men and women) wedding. But you still can have a mixed wedding. First, the wedding gown should not be too revealing if it's going to be mixed. Look for something that doesn't show your cleavage and back. Usually, the women would gather first in the ballroom, dancing, singing and congratulating the groom's and bride's mothers and immediate families. The bride then would enter the ballroom, she walks slowly to where she's supposed to sit which a little stage with two chairs, one for the groom and the other for the bride. Once she gets their, the wedding guests would continue dancing and start taking photos with the bride. After an hour or so, the groom would enter the ballroom, accompanied with his male relatives (his father, brothers, uncles, and some close friends) and also her male relatives (her father, brothers, uncles). They would walk him all the way to the stage where he's supposed to sit next to you. Once he get on the stage, he would lift your white vail, and kiss you on your forehead. And then all the men would line up to kiss him and congratulate him. His father is most certainly allowed to kiss you on the cheek. Then the men would dance together celebrating the end of the single-life for the groom, whilst the women clapping and singing along. Now, some less strict families would allow the men to remain in the ballroom until the end of the wedding, others will not. Once they bring in the cake, the bride and groom would cut it together, you must have one bite. Cutting the cake is usually the end of the wedding. They'll then hold each other hands and walk together to leave the ballroom to their hotel room accompanied with their relatives who would clap and sing. P.S I'm half Iraqi, by the way.
tDhLjMQrz tDhLjMQrz
on 16/11/12
Why is anyone tainlkg about pathetic failure of religous beliefs? You might as well wallow in the dirt like some ignorant savages. The time for being controlled slaves is 100 years ago. So not fall victim to magic and bullshit.No-religion is the one defining thing that the red communists got correct!
MqkxmrfXoG MqkxmrfXoG
on 16/11/12
Carolan Freeman wrote:Shannon’s story was very inspiring that in the end,when she had been preessd to her limit,she turned it all over to God,amen.She struggled with being second and not understanding and just needing to be accepted.In her desperation,she turned to a father figure,which just made her lonliness and grief worse.Many times,we look to others and to different things to fill the voids in our lives,however,we only find that peace and comfort that we need,when we give it all to Christ and lean on Him…amen
zojphbjmkTq zojphbjmkTq
on 16/11/12
If inrfoamtion were soccer, this would be a goooooal!
NmaycWXEvKLubN NmaycWXEvKLubN
on 16/11/12
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on 16/11/12
Hi. I'm just here visiting your site, and I have to say, I like it a lot. You have some great stuff to check out. I have a small blog that has been arnuod for about 2 years. It's not big, I delete posts every now and then. But I invite you to come check out my site. I would love to have you over. :D
qfPxdktIa qfPxdktIa
on 16/11/12
Virtually all English versions of the Bible from 1611 have been based on the King James Bible.a)Most of these versions have sought to update or “correct” Elizabethan English into an idiom more understandable to modern readers and hearers.b)Beginning in the late 19th century new versions (beginning with the “Revised Version” of 1881) have sought to correct the very few text variations of the King James Bible.i)These variations have been identified through the discovery of more ancient manuscripts (e.g., the Dead Sea Scrolls, discovered in 1946, and the “Codex Sinaiticus,” discovered in 1844).c)New versions have also sought to be more literal to the Hebrew and Greek, allowing for less expression in English poesy.i)More “literal” versions include the American Standard Version, the American Standard Bible, and the New International Version.d)Newer versions in the King James tradition (e.g., the New Revised Standard Version) change Hebrew and Greek pronoun forms to make them gender-inclusive, and verbs to make them collective..e)Bibles such as the “Good News Bible” seek to use simple modern idiom. In so doing, they often paraphrase the original.i)“The Message” (Eugene H. Peterson, 2003) is now a popular version in modern English.(1)The Message must be seen to contain much paraphrasing of Scripture, with original text at times changed or omitted.
angela angela
on 23/10/12
As I have found in the Claretian Fathers who I have met, he 'was an excellent example of missionary zeal, blended with the spiritual intensity of a mystic.'
angela angela
on 10/10/12
The English catholic websites I follow - Forest Murmurs; Mulier Fortis; Hermeniutic of Continuity; Catholic and Loving it - are very good and I only wish there were more like them. Thank you
Angela Angela
on 21/9/12
And what about liberal catholic magazines like The Tablet ? Do they not deserve to be cautioned when writing about 'controvertial themes' ? I'm glad we have Eccles and Bosco to act as our police.
DdnUawaz DdnUawaz
on 1/9/12
Dear Mr Rutter, This is the day is wonderful, very great music.We (a liltte choir named Convocamus ) in germany, Ibbenbfcren would sing it in the church, on the occasion of the silver wedding of our choir director Frank and his wife Monika. We hope she stare in surprise.She has heard this song last year and she loves it.Is it possible to get a signed musicpaper of "This is the day?" It would be nice if it's possible.Yours sincerelyChrista
on 1/9/12
Yes many people have and I will be the first to say I have also. The trust was never the same you begin to trust but on thing that doesn't seem or feel right to you will zap you back to missurtt and all the feeligns that comes with it. This is a hard thing to do. I would suggest if your thinking of giving it another chance take it slow dont rush back to where you guts where meaning living together or anything. She has to earn your trust back. For you, if this is something your going to pursue you can not keep brinking it up or accusing her everytime you get that itch or feeling. You two have communicate clearly. And you need to know why she did it. Was she feeling ignored if so you two work on that part together. What ever it is work on it together. It not just her who has to work the both of you. I do know couple who have survived these situations and they are closer than ever however it takes a lot of honest communication to accomplish. when there are kids invovled. I really hope they dont know what is going on if they do they will loose massive respect for the one who cheated and then you have a double wammy to fix. It is up to you to believe her. I always say you can say your sorry however are you saying it with a sincere heart. I bet you can tell the difference. Also what kind of character does she have. Is the person when she regrets something she makes sure it doesnt happen again. or Is the person that she offers regret and returns back to old behaviors once she feels things have settled down. these are things you should know if your planning to marry her. Whe are you all not married after 5 1/2yrs? what was the hold up? somebody had signs of something ..