ma.jeanila ma.jeanila
on 15/3/15
Thank you for the reflection in todays Gospel ,Its realy touched me and it answerd me through reading your commentary..Thank you Lord for answering my needs..Job well done for Gods Greater Glory Amen..God bless us all and transfer his devine wisdom and knowledge to people that can touch our life amen..Thank you once again..keep up your good work..TO GOD BE THE GLORY...
on 24/2/15
Hi Barbara : Nice reflection and analysis you have carried out on the Lord's Prayer. I hope we might be having later on from you similar reflections on other typical prayers usually addressed to the Virgin, God, the Saints, etc., which we perform in a somewhat mechanical way, and not having a clear idea of what we are praying about. Thanks and blessings. U.Saldana M.
on 13/2/15
Dear Mike : I completely agree with your finding of repeating a theme to your students in different ways and contexts so they can better start to grasp it.
Something alike happens to me with the " daily readings " from GODGOSSIP and its sister Spanish version CIUDAD REDONDA. I usually read them both simultaneously (whenever there is scriptural concordance in their contents) first in the Spanish version (my mother tongue) and then in the English one, or viceversa. getting out of this some important benefits to me:
(a) A deeper understanding of the concept of the reading ( letters, psalms, gospel, commentaries, etc.) from the repetition.
(b) Learning new ways of translation between both languages (not rigid literal or ortodox translation). and
(c) A wider, and/or different, complementary or supplementary vision from the comments section as they show the viewpoints of two analysers.
I wish more Spanish-writing (or English-learning, or viceversa) readers would do the same, and that more English-writing ones would take part submiting their opinions and/or comments to the GODGOSSIP page......Don't be afraid ! ! !
Franswa Franswa
on 18/12/14
Please let us take a closer analysis of Islam and Christianity. Which religion causes so much violence and is always highly suspected of terror attacks. so it does not hold to squash nativity displays on account of Islam discrimination. Should we also say bring down Mosques where you see them built in France? In fact it should not bother secularism because they do not believe in it.
XynNHyZt XynNHyZt
on 14/10/14
Thanks for visiting us at our spnrig Synod meeting Val it was great to see you again and the reflections you shared with us at the end of the meeting were a real blessing. [url=]ttipytqa[/url] [link=]oqleauvapli[/link]
DwkKMh9dh DwkKMh9dh
on 14/10/14
President Harrison, I just clicked on the link to your<a href=""> magesse</a>. As a DCE who serves as Director of Child Ministry at Bethany in Overland Park, Kansas, your<a href=""> magesse</a> was a wonderful word of encouragement for me. Thank you for your prayers. Of course, God is hearing and answering so I just wanted to share a little of our wonderful Sunday yesterday when we presented the new Faith Alive Bibles to the Third Graders in our congregation and invited the parents and kids to a Bible Blast Off event during their Sunday School hour. Our Third Grade Sunday School teacher spoke about the purposes of God's Word (yup, it's about Jesus from cover to cover) and also included practical tips like how to look up Bible passages. I had a chance to share specific things parents can do to bring their children to know Jesus. AND the kids were challenged to complete a Bible Scavenger Hunt that explores their new Bible from cover to cover! The parents also wrote words of blessing in the cover and placed labels that had words of blessing from grandparents, sponsors, and significant adults. What was so wonderful was to see God's Spirit at work in parents and kids as they cradled the Bible, sat with heads together over God's Holy Word, and were so full of joy to have the blessing of this Bible. One of my favorite parts is that my faithful Sunday School teacher has her son in class this year and got to share this moment with her husband and their own child as she has blessed so many kids and families over the year. She called me this morning to wanting to share her son's engagement with his Bible and what he was learning about Jesus in it it just made my heart so glad! Again, thank you for your encouraging words! They mean a lot!
dcV4uo2YA dcV4uo2YA
on 9/10/14
Crux Fidelis - since it is still a Holyday in Scotland (Deo Gratias), interesting that the Cardinal Archbishop of St Andrews and Edinburgh dneied himself the opportunity to celebrate the Holyday since he chose to be in England participating in the Votive Mass of St Paul.Oh what an irony.
xOCiJ16o3y xOCiJ16o3y
on 9/10/14
Thanks so much for this, Kate. Has the Labour Party suddenly bmecoe racist? why is there not more support for Diane's leadership bid. Also why is there not more about it on the UK femsphere, like The F Word, not a single article, or have I missed something. This is a very rare and exciting opportunity for women we should grasp it with both hands. There is not much time, lets not behave in the way many US women did to Hillary, we will repent it at leisure.
i8EBZwyErqI6 i8EBZwyErqI6
on 9/10/14
Can I simply say what a comroft to discover a person that actually knows what they're discussing online. You definitely realize how to bring a problem to light and make it important. More and more people have to look at this and understand this side of the story. I can't believe you are not more popular given that you certainly have the gift.
rhigCogF3 rhigCogF3
on 9/10/14
During a recent hilmoy a priest told an interesting story of Pope John Paul's visit to the Baltimore area in 1995:The Pope was scheduled for a quick trip by the local seminary. But even though it was not scheduled, he wanted to go in and pray at their chapel. So a security team and German Shepherd canine unit that was specially trained to find human beings - using their superior sense of smell, like the ones used after the September 11 attack to find people in the rubble - were sent to search for people hiding in the various rooms. They searched the halls and rooms and found nothing, and then were sent into the chapel where the Pope intended to pray. They sniffed in all the aisles and then came to the tabernacle which held the consecrated Hosts. The dogs sniffed and pointed, indicating that they sensed a human being present in the holy tabernacle, and would not leave until their handlers called them off. This was witnessed by over ten security people.
3DDxpQmk 3DDxpQmk
on 9/10/14
Hello,Just writing to say that I aseloutbly adore both of your novels: they're some of the best fiction I've read in years (and, certainly, the best modern fiction I've gotten my hands on in recent memory ).Please, please, please keep on writing. I can't wait to see what you turn out next (whether it's in the Nights mode or otherwise) Thanks again for these beautiful fictions,Jourdain
on 9/10/14
I'm doing some personal research, trying to formulate a philosophy that I can share in a way that includes insight from gay Catholics. I am a straight, married mother and I also teach at a public high school in SW Missouri (the buckle of the Bible belt). I have some questions and was hoping to find someone who was willing to share with me.If anyone who reads this and is a gay Catholic would be willing to help me out, I'd sure appreciate it.Thanks,Julie
ThwztRoDhg ThwztRoDhg
on 9/10/14
This post has helped me think things thogruh
g507XS72c4 g507XS72c4
on 9/10/14
of course catholics and lutherans have the lowest divorce rates, they are willing to sacrifice there happiness and their children's (sometimes)happiness. I agree people shouldn't get divorced, but if ur fighting everyday its in the best interest of the child to have a divorce.
xTKjgGRy xTKjgGRy
on 9/10/14
That guy looks so earnest but my first tughoht was (as always) how much would that cup fetch on the open market, and couldn't ol' Earnest at least have taken off his ring first, lest he send mixed messages about squashing rich men into Heaven through the eyes of needles?Isn't that act symbolic cannibalism, right up to the moment God waves His magic Finger and turns the bikkie into real flesh and the wine into real blood—at which point symbolism ceases and yuk retch, barf, runs gagging from the room
Q66bf23gFu4 Q66bf23gFu4
on 9/10/14
Thank you for this Jason, its outstanding work as usual and it's so refreshing to see a real time video for a change rather than the ever popular speed painting videos. Gives us a chance to see how you work.
on 9/10/14
this When women are underrepresented as CEOs of coeamnips that is deemed discrimination. But when boys are falling behind at school, when 90% of people in prison are male, there's never any thought given to whether men are discriminated against. I absolutely agree with him when he says that boys falling behind at school is a problem. I think the way that children study is more geared to girls than to boys (on the whole). However, when he says that 90% of people in prison are male, he loses me a little (and I'm interested to examine that, if I have maybe some unvoiced assumptions going on that need to be exposed in myself). The reason why 90% of males are in prison is because males are much more violent than women (on the whole) and use violence to try to solve their problems. As for custody being awarded to women way more than men, I agree there is a real bias towards men. I transcribe Family Court hearings and it is quite marked. But again, there is partly a reason for that.I wonder though if *this* is why there needs to be a men's movement because maybe men are ingrained into being more violent with the 2000 years of Western history behind them, along with the thousands of years before that of more patriarchal dominance and violence. After all, there are men of other cultures who seem able to contain themselves.This sounds very anti-men, I don't mean it to be. I have lots of conflicting thoughts and feelings on this and look forward to hearing other people's views. My view is probably clouded by my history, which contains a male-dominated family where females didn't feel able to speak up for their right to see things how they see things.Sue recently posted..