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Pope to Freiburg's youth: use your energy for the service of God

Rome Reports - Sun, Sep 25th 2011


September 24, 2011. ( It was another busy day for the pope. After meeting with former German Chancellor Helmut Kohl, he met with representatives of Orthodox Churches. Later on, he greeted seminarians from Freiburg and finally he met with the Central Committee of German Catholics. But the day wasn't over yet. Benedict XVI held a prayer vigil with roughly 20,000 youths at the city's fair.

The pope told the crowd, they shouldn't be afraid to recognize the hardships that exists in their lives. He asked them to stay away from temptations like, laziness or hesitations that may come when they're thinking of doing a good deed.

Benedict XVI 

“Dear friends, Christ is not so much interested in how often in your lives you stumble and fall, as in how often you pick yourselves up again. He does not demand glittering achievements, but He wants His light to shine in you.”

The young adults were encouraged to be true witnesses of faith, by sharing their energy and service with the Church. 

Benedict XVI 

“Have the courage to apply your talents and gifts for God's kingdom and to give yourselves-like candlewax-so that the Lord can light up the darkness through you.”

The pope then invited the youths to try and live a life of sainthood. He then added that there's no saint, who didn't sin. 

Benedict XVI 

“Dare to be glowing saints, in whose eyes and hearts the love of Christ beams and who thus brings light to the world. I am confident that you and many other young people here in Germany are lamps of hope that do not remain hidden. You are the light of the world.”

Benedict XVI will celebrate a Sunday morning Mass in Freigburg's airport. 

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