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Teaching Your Kids To Cook

Dustin Maher - Mon, Apr 30th 2012

Teaching Your Kids To Cook

I was sent this video last week and I thought it was a very good and motivational video about the importance of teaching our kids how to eat healthy and cook.

I think one of the biggest reasons our nation has become so sick, is the fact that the parents these days didn’t learn how to cook when they were a child and now it is getting passed down to the kids.

Before the 1970′s most homes still valued the home cooked meal and eating together as a family.  After the 1960′s this became a less frequent occurrence and homes started eating more prepackaged and fast food, no longer spending the time to prepare food together as a family and pass down the cooking skills to their kids.  Consequently many who were kids in the 70′s didn’t develop those skills and now that they have kids, they are continuing to feed fast food and easy to prepare “fake” processed food you can get in a can or box.

Many of my most unhealthy clients who have struggled with weight and sickness their entire life, were raised in homes where their parents didn’t eat healthy and teach their kids to eat healthy.  Having a childhood like that really sets the person up for challenges later in life because they aren’t use to eating in a way that energizes the body.

Check this video out!

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