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The Year of Mercy and the importance of conversion

Vatican Radio - Mon, Dec 7th 2015

Pope Angelus: The Year of Mercy and the importance of conversion

(Vatican Radio) Before the recitation of the Marian Prayer on the second Sunday of Advent, Pope Francis referred to Sunday’s liturgy in which John the Baptist, preaches "a baptism of repentance for the forgiveness of sins".

The Holy Father pointed out that conversion is not just for atheists but also for those who already consider themselves Christians.

Pope Francis continued by saying, “No one can say: I'm fine. Not true, it would be presumptuous, because "we must always be converted."

The Pope then invited the faithful ask themselves some questions. "Is it true that we feel how Jesus feels? For example, when we suffer some wrong or some affront, do we react without animosity of heart and forgive those who ask your forgiveness?”

“When we are called to share joys and sorrows, do we sincerely weep with those who weep and rejoice with those who rejoice? When we express our faith, we do it with courage and simplicity, without being ashamed of the Gospel? ".

Pope Francis underlined that, We must always have the same sentiments that Jesus had, adding, John the Baptist’s voice cries out even in today's deserts of humanity that are closed minds and stony hearts, and makes us wonder whether we are actually going the right way, and living a life according to the Gospel."

 “Salvation, the Pope said, “is offered to every human, to every people, without exception, to each of us. None of us can say, 'I am holy, I am perfect, I am already saved'. No. Again we must take this offer of salvation.”

The Pope then stressed that, for this reason, we must use the Year of Mercy to go further on this path of salvation, the way that Jesus taught us, for God wants all humans to be saved through Jesus Christ, the only mediator .

(from Vatican Radio)

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