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PETER is at it again: how many times do I have to forgive? Has he been listening to anything that Jesus says? So Jesus is clear-don't count! Just start forgiving. Any number with seven in it is infinite in the Jewish numerology, fullness of life-all creation and time. So forgiving is never-ending, a lifestyle, a way of breathing and being a Christian, a follower of Jesus. And the parable is clear-each of us is forgiven massively for our sins against God and so we must forgive in turn the things that others do to us. Otherwise the mercy we have known from God will be turned to justice, since we have not learned from our God's dealings with us to be merciful to one another. How good are we at forgiving-or consistent-everyone, all the time, for everything? As good as we are at expecting God and others to forgive us? Clare prayed for others, forgetting herself, do we pray for others' forgiveness?


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