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JESUS is set up again with a question on marriage-can a man divorce his wife for any reason? (They knew he could according to the law, though not according to the scriptures-and that a woman could not divorce her husband for any reason. The law was not applied equally). Jesus reiterates the Word of God from of old and is blunt in telling them the only reason Moses changed the law back then was because their hearts were stubborn. But Jesus is interested in faithfulness for everyone; love unto death; love as service of life; love between equals; love as he has loved us. So he condemns them. But tells his disciples, all of us that each of us is called to faithfulness whether we are single, unmarried, married, separated or divorced. All we are is for the kingdom. Like those of old with stubborn hearts we have a long, long way to go to learn faithfulness and forgiveness among us all.


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