Commentary on the Gospel of



REFLECTION Lectio Divina


John 1: 35-42: John (never called “the Baptist” in this gospel) is not the Messiah. John points out Jesus as the Lamb of God. Jesus calls the disciples (this gospel never uses the word “apostle”) and they respond with full faith, using exalted titles for Jesus. Notice the last verse’s reference to Genesis 28:12.


John, like all Christians, points to Jesus. Faith usually grows slowly. The faith of the disciples seems to be fully mature when they first encounter Jesus. They recognize who he is by the titles they use. What might you learn from this section of the gospel?


Prayer nourishes faith. In your prayer, ask for greater understanding of your faith. Do you recognize Jesus as did the early disciples? Use the titles here in your personal prayer.


Point out Jesus to someone close to you. Talk about your faith in Jesus.


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