Commentary on the Gospel of

Fr. Alex Gobrin, cmf


Jesus warned his disciples that following him needs more than enthusiasm. They would need really good abilities to deal with a “world” hostile to his values. They would need clever tactics to deal with persecutions. They would need simplicity of hearts to persevere. 

Persecutions come in different ways. The more complex our society become, the more subtle our persecution too. I would like to see persecution as anything that hinders us reach and live a truly human life. Oftentimes they are structured in oneself, in the family, in the society: structures that hinder us to be what we ought to be, authentically human. To persevere, we need simplicity of hearts.

When the heart is simple, meaning free of evil thoughts, meaning deeply immersed with God, then we can hear the Spirit speak. We can hear the Spirit’s truth. We can live the Spirit’s strength. Then we can bear witness:  For it will not be you who speak, but the Spirit of your Father speaking through you.


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