Commentary on the Gospel of

Joe Zaborowski-Creighton University Purchasing Department

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The reading from Thessalonians tells me that there is no need to “worry about those who have fallen asleep.” We are assured we will rise from the dead. How am I a sign of what a follower of Christ looks like?

What Jesus read from the scroll of Isaiah tells me when the spirit of the Lord is upon me, not in a Messianic sense as with Jesus, but as a follower of Christ that can be seen in different ways. If I follow in Christ’s footsteps and become a light unto the poor, the imprisoned whether physically, emotionally, spiritually and walk with the oppressed I can be counted as a disciple. As such I will be renewed in Him and as the Psalm reading for today rings out “I can sing to the Lord a new song.” 

These reading are a good reminder to be assured in my faith that I will always be with the Lord and also be active in exhibiting my faith in the world.


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