Commentary on the Gospel of

Kimberly Grassmeyer-Creighton University's Department of Residence Life

As I returned for a third time to the readings for today, hopeful at the prospect of divine intervention in highlighting  the right phrase or theme for my reflection, my mind remained clouded at the varied options.  So I did what I must do when I try to find God in my computer keyboard:  I quieted myself.  I put my feet flat on the floor, closed my eyes, and willed myself to mindfully breathe.  Breathe in; Breathe out.   

{Breathe In} Lord, please clear my head of the distractions of the day, so that {Breathe Out} I might feel your presence with me.  {Breathe In} Help me to find wisdom and words that might {Breathe Out} bring peace or inspiration to others…   {Breathe In}  an understanding of God’s jealousy and frustration when{Breathe Out}  His chosen people made a molten calf and worshipped it… {Breathe In} an appreciation for the compassion of Moses who {Breathe Out} was able to persuade our God to relent and forgive… {Breathe In} the glory of our powerful God who later sent his Son to serve us, speak to us, die {Breathe Out} for us and give us our eternal life…  {Breathe In} the incomprehensible, unconditional love of that Son who needed no human praise, {Breathe Out} sought no human glory, and taught us human humility…

Because it is the Lenten season, I’m probably a bit more spiritual than at some other times of year; probably a bit more prone to relenting when I really want to remain angry, to exercising a bit more humility and gratitude when I’d rather have my selfish needs met.  This is good – and worth striving for more consistently.  Worth DOING more consistently.  I wish that God’s people, brought by Moses out of slavery, had understood the gift they had been given, and revered it.  I wish that the Jews in the gospel story had believed in the works of Jesus, trusted in his purpose as had been foretold, understood the gift they had been given, and revered it.  I wish – no, I pray – that I will take the time to recognize the working of God in my life every day, breathe in gratitude for this gift I have been given, and revere it.  

{Breathe In} The peace that passes all understanding and {Breathe Out in Song!} Thanks Be To God!  Amen!


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