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Mary Lee Brock-Creighton University's Werner Institute

This reflection will be coming soon. In the meantime, he is a reflection from Jeanne Schuler, on this Sunday, in 2015.

I Will Find You

Moses told them, “This is the bread that the Lord has given you to eat.”  (Exodus 16:15)

The wise remind us:  money and wealth do not bring happiness.  Some days we listen and know this to be true.  Then our true treasure shines brighter than gold and we see in new light.

The Jewish people had lived in Egypt for generations.  This was the only home they knew.  Crossing the desert behind bumbling leaders, they felt anger and regret.  The harshness of captivity faded and now all that mattered was food, water, and a place to sleep.  Hungry, their spirit shrank into one grasping desire.  It was a howl, not a prayer, which God answered. 

In the desert, our treasure may disappear for a while.  A change had to happen.  We bid farewell to our old self but the destination is not clear.  How can we leave behind the familiar and survive the trek into the unknown?  On all sides are sounds of peril.  Each day takes courage.  Exhausted, we cry for help.

Scripture says that our true treasure comes from above.  We seek it but do not earn it.  Our greatness lies in welcoming the gifts of faith, family, friends, work, and world.  Like the morning dew, a new self is given, not picked off a rack.  The tailor who takes our measure is one we trust.

What a surprise to live without fear.  This risk is worth taking.


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