Commentary on the Gospel of

Fr. Johnson Joseph Thurackal CMF

Integrity is a grace. Cleansing outside is only for the eyes of the people. Cleansing inside shows the concern about how God sees and what God thinks about them.

To render oneself beautiful for the eyes of the world needs effort, even, ostentations. It is rewarding for one’s ego.

To render oneself beautiful in the sight of God is a challenge. It needs a cleansing inside out. Then justice and compassion shine out. It makes a soul beautiful; the beauty God sees and enjoys.

Augustine did everything to cleanse outside of his life and appealing before human eyes. St. Monica succeeded in turning inside out and making the soul of her son beautiful in God’s eyes.

God loves me as I am and invites me to see who I am. Let me reflect how God sees me and how He wants me to change my look.


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