Commentary on the Gospel of

Johnson Joseph, cmf & Cindy Costanzo - Creighton University's College of Nursing

Fear, suspicion, insecurity, self-doubt, jealousy, envy, resentment are key words underlying the first reading as is faith, loyalty, belief, and trust. Saul’s fears, insecurity, envy and jealousy lead him down a path in which he is willing to take another man’s life.  Fortunately, he had Jonathan who took accountability, took a risk and intervened to save David’s life.  He stepped forward with faith, loyalty, belief and trust.

How does fear, suspicion, insecurity, self-doubt, jealousy, envy and resentment affect my life? In my personal or professional life what actions do I want to take against others based on these feelings? Am I aware of these feelings? Am I any different? How am I different? What prevents me from taking action? Do I have daily practices that make me stop, think and reflect? Do I have people in my life who are willing to intervene? 

I do trust in God, I am faithful, I have had many experiences in my life that I know have been interventions by God. However, I know from experience that daily life struggles, emergencies, chaotic schedules can prevent me from taking needed time. Needed time to slow my pace, reflect, pray, and complete the Examen. Reflection, prayer, completing the Examen provides me space to sit with God. During this time I become aware of my inner feelings and desires. This awareness leads to a consciousness which leads to action. Action to change and redirect my energies more positively. 

In God I trust; I shall not fear can be built into our daily prayer, Examen, and reflections. Today’s readings are a reminder of this for me, a reminder of God’s love, and a reminder that I fulfill one of my purposes in life for God when I practice this level of faith. 


Jesus had a phenomenal impact on the crowds. Enormous crowds desperately sought him. It is eye opening to note that how eagerly people from all over the country and even from foreign nations looked for Jesus. The reason for the crowds to flock to him was crystal clear. He was compassionate. They understood his compassion and love for all people, the sick, the lost, the lonely, the homeless, the disposed, everyone, and he never turned anyone away.  Look at the way people push around him to touch him knowing that power from him will flow to them. People were convinced that Jesus desired the healing of body, mind and spirit, and he always has time for people. Another reason for people to run to Jesus was the testimony of those who have experienced his healing love that Messiah has come to meet the needs of the humanity and to lighten their burden. At this point even evil spirits start to acknowledge him. They did so because they knew who he was and feared him.  Jesus rejected their confession because acknowledging Jesus without repentance and desire for change is of no merit in God’s sight. Jesus thus reveals himself to be the true Messiah who overthrows evil from people’s heart and establishes a spiritual Kingdom.   Witnessing to God’s graces and sharing the marvels the Lord does, will prompt many to flock to Jesus even today.


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