Commentary on the Gospel of

Fr. Roland Chidiebere, CMF


As many as touched Him were made healthy

The people used whatever means possible to reach Jesus. And they succeeded! But what for? They needed to be healed. And in deed upon touching Him they were healed. In this passage the Lord Jesus was not presented as doing anything, not even uttering a word! Yet, healing flowed in the lives of those who touched Him. We do not need to lose anytime in identifying the source of their healing: FAITH in the Lord Jesus Christ. Just as he said elsewhere, just have little faith ‘the size of a mustard seed, even the mountain would obediently move at one’s command!’ What we seek for out there, we possess therein, within oneself! Yes, faith in the lord Jesus has been planted in each of us right from Baptism.

One of the greatest sicknesses menacing our world today is dependency syndrome – a deeply rooted belief that another person would do it for oneself. This belief which generally unfolds into an attitude of helplessness, paralyzes oneself. The participants of the foregoing Gospel passage challenge us on believing and taking active step. The believed and trusted in Jesus because they saw or heard about His works. We are not far from their experiences. The Lord Jesus has always reassured us that we receive, readily from the Father, whatever we ask in His name. Faith expression takes us closer to God! It showcases our trust in God; manifests our love of God; builds up our deeply rooted conviction that our God is omnipotent. Yes, He can do it all, for you too!

As we celebrate the memorial of St. Scholastica, the woman of great faith (whose prayer brought down rain and convinced her brother St. Benedict, that God approved of their encounter); let us copy her example, deeply convinced that the Lord is our salvation in every situation. 


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