Commentary on the Gospel of

Fr. Roland Chidiebere, CMF

Bless us, O God.

Solomon opened himself up in the direction of serving his brothers and sisters, humbled himself before God. He asked for what he did not have, not for himself but for the good of others. He received the gift. And the consequence is obvious: the ends of the earth hail him. We are summoned to let go of our self-centeredness, and embrace reaching out, to avail ourselves in readiness to serve others. There is more joy in giving than in receiving! Our out-reach relieves the others.

Let’s learn one thing and do it always: ask God to bless us. Why? For whoever God blesses reflects His blessings in thought and deed, and of course the person is full of joy and fulfillment.  ‘Show me your friend and I tell you whom you are’ is true of God’s friend, true of the one who is closely in union with God. The closer one gets to Jesus, the more one copies His modelling, His ways of doing things and without much thought, the person instinctively radiates the same blessings received in one’s behavior, especially in relating to others. Choosing Jesus means choosing a new beginning, a new way and a new direction in life. 

When one chooses Jesus, one chooses to copy from His lifestyle; one falls in love with reading and meditating a lot more on His word; the person chooses give as Jesus gives, forgive as Jesus forgives, consoles as the Lord Jesus consoles, etc. In other words, one learns to bless others through enriching actions, just as the person receives blessings from our Lord Jesus Christ.


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