Commentary on the Gospel of

Fr. Johnson Joseph Thurackal CMF

Jesus made a not so pleasing remark ‘unless you see signs you will not believe.’ Yet he went ahead and healed the official’s son. The miracle, therefore was not a mere act of kindness to the official, but a sign for all people, even to each one of us today. The official believed and he saw a miraculous sign. He had the faith that Jesus looked for and enabled Jesus to do what his faith claimed. It was indeed a sign for people who had no faith or whose faith was weak. What the people have witnessed, helped them to come to believe in God and His power.

Jesus used the miracle as sign and way of opening the door to faith. Jesus’ deeds have greater purpose than mere physical healing. He wants that, as in the case of official of Gospel today, the faith of the people may grow and that they may experience the care and closeness of the Heavenly Father. We see how the faith of the official grew. From a simple asking for a favour, he and his household ended up in believing in Jesus, committing themselves to God. 

The ultimate goal of contemplating every word and action of Jesus need to be this spiritual awareness and growth. Faith is a gift. It grows as we let it work and receive God’s blessings. The signs of God’s hand at work that we see in and around us every day, can help us to increase our faith in God and to commit ourselves to him.


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