Commentary on the Gospel of

Fr. Johnson Joseph Thurackal CMF

Pope St. John XXIII was inspired by the text of the Gospel today, to convoke the Church to learn to read the signs of the times so that we can be more attentive to them and to discern the mind of God in the events of the history of humanity. God continues to communicate his mind to the people through various happenings, changes, reactions, responses and through the pulse of everything that are around. Jesus in the Gospel refers to the contemplation of nature as way to interpret the course of the events of nature and to be ready for that. In the same way, contemplation of God and his word will enable people of our times to interpret the mind of God for our times and for our lives, and to prepare ourselves and the world around for that.

Signs of the times are important indicators to take right decisions and effective precautions. Science today is of much help to anticipate and interpret signs of the nature and even of the universe. The skill to analyse the signs of the spirit and soul will enable one to change dangerous course and avert calamities. The image of going with the accuser to the magistrate and the need to act in time, reflects the urgency to reconcile with God and with one another. The humble recognition of the need for God’s mercy in one’s life can be a sign of evaluating oneself objectively. St. Paul rightly interpreted the signs of wretchedness within him and the nature of conflict he encountered within. Therefore, he was able to turn to Jesus as the one who could rescue him. We need to constantly introspect life and draw lessons for life in time before it is late.


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