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Paulson Veliyannoor, CMF - Claretian Publications Philippines - Victoria Sanchez - Teacher in Madrid

Feeding the Hungry

We are exhorted to practice discretion and humility. Those who humble themselves will find themselves raised – to the city of God where they live with God. Jesus affirms the virtue of humility and encourages us to give without expectations of return.

Jesus speaks of inviting the poor, the crippled, the lame, and the blind to our dining tables. As per the United Nations, the people living in extreme poverty (read, those living on less than $1.90 a day) in the world would number around 703-729 million in 2020-21. About 690 million people go hungry and 21.3% of the world’s children suffer from stunting due to chronic malnutrition. Now read this: The world wastes or loses annually 1.3 billion tons of food and 1.6 billion tons of primary product equivalents. The total global military expenditure in 2019 was $1,917 billion! If not for heavenly reasons, at least for humane and earthly reasons, it is time we invited the poor and the hungry to our dining tables, provided for them, and took care of their needs. And this act must begin, humbly, at the dining tables of every family.

Lord, give us humble and generous hearts that care for the needs of others.

Share your food with a hungry person today.


(Pope Francis) God, in order to send his Son, looks at a very humble girl, who immediately goes on a journey to help a cousin in need and says nothing of what had happened. Humility is like this: it is walking in the presence of the Lord, happy, joyful because this is the joy of the humble: to be looked upon by the Lord. That is why, in order to make our attitude of exultation in praise our own, as the Gospel speaks to us about Jesus, it is necessary to be very humble and always remember that humility is a gift of the Holy Spirit.

This Sunday's readings present to us, for our reflection, the virtue of "humility". The first reading from Ecclesiastes tells us: "Make yourself small in human greatness, and you will find favour with God; for great is the mercy of God, and he reveals his secrets to the humble. And we have heard Jesus say: "Everyone who humbles himself will be exalted", because the humble is a real person,

He has his feet on the ground, and it is very difficult for him to lose his balance.

St. Teresa of Avila said: "Humility is walking in truth".

Unfortunately, on many occasions, perhaps, we are vain.

Let us remember the words of St. Paul: "You have received everything from God, why do you boast as if the talents and graces you have received were your own? Let us therefore make the gifts we have received available to others, for if we are able to understand and practice today's Gospel, we will begin to make progress on the path of the Kingdom.

St. Francis of Assisi says: "Blessed is the servant who does not rejoice in the good that the Lord says and works in him".

Good humility refuses to dominate others, it belongs to people with a noble and sincere heart, who are always ready to serve others, as Jesus did: "Christ, despite his divine condition, did not boast of his status as God. "

Humility is good for us, especially for ourselves. He who is humble enjoys greater peace.

Prayer : Lord, you who love simplicity. Help us to understand the greatness of small things, strength in weakness and greater richness in simple things.



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