Liturgy Alive Memorial of our Lady of Sorrows.

Friday, September 15, 2017



People who want to carry out their mission in life have often a high price to pay. Jesus continued his mission of love of doing the Father's will to save us and was nailed to the cross for it. Mary had been told by Simeon that she would suffer for and with her Son. When a child suffers, also the mother suffers. Yet she too was faithful to her mission of giving Jesus to the world. The closer one is to the Lord, the closer one often is to his cross.

Opening Prayer

Lord God,
we know that sorrow and pain
are inescapable in this life
for those who follow your crucified Son.
Give us enough trust in you
to remain faithful to you
and to believe and hope in your love 
even in the depth of suffering.
Give us the courage
to face the hardships of life
and to bear one another's crosses
in union with Mary, our sorrowing Mother,
inn the service of Jesus Christ our Lord.


Liturgy of the Word

First Reading Introduction
Though Christians can eat the meat that had been used in pagan offerings, they can never take part in the sacred meals of sacrifices offered to idols, for that would be tantamount to communion with the false god. They should remember that the Christian sacrifice signifies that they are in union with Christ, who makes us one when we eat his body and drink the cup of his sacrifice.

Gospel Introduction
Luke makes two main points today. Christians will be recognized for what they are worth by their Christian living. The faith that is in their hearts overflows in their deeds. God's word has sunk in into their hearts and only goodness in accordance with the gospel will have to come from them. In such people faith is solid; it is built on rock, it does not waver. The rains and the storm of trials cannot blow that faith apart.


General Intercessions

- That we may not just hear and know the word of God but live by it consistently and enthusiastically, we pray:

- That the Lord may be our rock in whom we put our trust and on whom we build our lives, we pray:

- That our friendships may be firm and reliable, we pray:


Prayer over the Gifts

God of our happiness,
with our human wisdom
we seek happiness without pain,
glory without sacrifice.
But in your divine wisdom,
or foolishness as Paul calls it,
give us here your Son Jesus Christ
to teach us again the value of the cross.
With Mary we want to serve him
who is our Lord who died an rose again,
and our Savior for ever.


Prayer after Communion

Our living and loving God,
in this holy meal we have celebrated
the death and resurrection of Jesus, your Son
and proclaimed suffering and death 
as a painful, but necessary way
to lasting glory an happiness.
Let this eucharist be our strength
to carry the burdens of life
and to learn from Mary
to stand by the side of all
in whom suffers your Son and hers, 
Jesus Christ our Lord.



Scripture often calls God our Rock. Our faith becomes rock-solid when it is built on him and also when it shows what we are in what we do. May almighty God bless you, the Father, and the Son, and the Holy Spirit.

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