Liturgy Alive Wednesday of the Fifteenth Week in Ordinary Time

Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Wednesday, 15th Week in Ordinary Time


Opening Prayer
    Lord of heaven and earth
    from whom all good things come,
    we bless you with Jesus your Son
    for revealing to us how much you love us.
    Make us humble and receptive of your gifts,
    that we may be open to the good news
    for you show yourself to those
    who are aware of their poverty.
    Fill that poverty with your tenderness
    and with the certainty that you care for us
    through Jesus Christ our Lord.

Liturgy of the Word

Introduction to the First Reading

God uses Assyria as an instrument to punish God's people for their infidelity. Isaiah scolds the king of Assyria, a mere instrument, for acting and thinking as if he were God himself; he will be punished for this presumption.

Introduction to the Gospel
To see God, to know that he is with us, to hear the message of the gospel, one must have the openness and receptivity of a child and be aware of one's poverty. Salvation is given. Those who are filled with their own wisdom cannot hear or welcome him, for they try to conform God and the gospel to their own ideas, not theirs to God's.

General Intercessions
    - For the clever and the learned, that Jesus may teach them to become little and humble, so that Jesus may teach them the Father's love, we pray:
    - For all of us, that God make his Son known to us deeply and lovingly, we pray:
    - For those who serve the poorest, that they may not get discouraged and through their service come to know God better, we pray:

Prayer over the Gifts
    Our mighty God,
    you are partial to the poor.
    From your own gifts
    we bring before you bread and wine.
    Make us as genuine and simple
    as these offerings,
    that we may understand readily
    the simple story of your forgiveness and love,
    which you tell us through your Son,
    Jesus Christ our Lord.

Prayer after Communion
    Father, Lord of heaven and earth,
    we thank you in the poverty of our hearts
    that you have let us eat from Jesus' table
    notwithstanding our little faith
    and our lukewarm love.
    Keep accepting us the way we are,
    help us to be and do better
    and to render wholehearted service
    to our brothers and sisters in need.
    We ask this through Jesus Christ our Lord.


All is grace. God's love is given gratuitously. Let us thank God for all that we owe him and for all that we owe to people. May almighty God bless you, the Father, and the Son, and the Holy Spirit.

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