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English singer Cherrie Anderson tops WYD chart.

Independent Catholic News - Mon, Jul 11th 2011

'Faith in You' by British singer Cherrie Anderson,  has received the most visits on the web with 400,405 plays and 50,286 votes. The song is one of the seven selected by the jury of the Tuned into Madrid song contest.

'Síguele' or 'Follow Him'  sung by the Spanish nuns' group  'Orden y Mandato de San Miguel' was the voters' number one choice and attracted 95,000 votes.

Elevando mi canción' - 'Raising my song' - from Colombian group  Jóvenes Misioneros del Santo Padre; which got 15,000 votes, ranked fourth in the voters' choice category.

The selection jury also chose “We've been made one” by Darryll Wilson from Nepal,  which got 3,899 votes, and was number 25 in the voters' choice. The judges liked  'Joy' from the French Emmanuel Community which ranked 17th among voters. 

They also chose a song by Italian singers Andrea Daconte, Alessandro Grasso and Antonio Minervini, called 'Radicati in te', which was number six in voters' choice.  Colombian singer, Leonardo Jáuregui was honored as the best voice of the contest for his song 'Venimos' - 'We Come'.

Each winner will receive free registration for World Youth Day and their songs will be featured during some of the events.

All these performers can be found on Youtube. To listen to Cherrie Anderson go to:

Since Claretians are particularly proud of Cherrie they will adopt her songs as their own WYD Hymn.

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