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Videos addressing controversial topics in the Catholic Church.

Rome Reports - Mon, Jul 4th 2011

A group of Spanish university students have put together a collection of videos addressing some of the most controversial topics in the Catholic Church. In a series of 25 Youtube videos, they discuss abortion, divorce, and homosexuality as seen through the eyes of a young Catholic.

 “We wanted something that wouldn't have an institutional perspective. But rather university students that voiced their opinions on the subject.”

 Through their website called “arguments,” youth from around the world can leave their own messages as well as promoting World Youth Day in Madrid this August.

Subtitles to the videos are provided in six different languages. They hope to spread their message to Catholic and non-Catholic youth alike on things like the use of condoms, sex abuse in the church, and euthanasia.

“Some people have asked us if what we say is our opinion or that of the Catholic Church. The Catholic Church's opinion is pretty well explained in the Catechism. The thing is, we try to live those teachings and that's what we've tried to show in our opinions, in the videos.”  

This group of 40 Spanish students from the University of Navarra are now spreading their ideas and testimonies, inviting young people from every corner of the globe to offer their own reflections.

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