Commentary on the Gospel of

Fr. John O'Byrne, cmf

Tuesday After a quick survey, back to work! Now, "every kind of living creature" to inhabit the sea, the air and the earth. A wholly new life form, unlike his former work. These had life and he bade them "be fruitful and multiply" and so our universe became inhabited by an endless variety of creatures swimming, flying and walking in this brand new world. Again, the Great Artisan surveyed his accomplishments and found "that it was good". He could gain endless delight in the results of his astonishing handiwork. But the creatures of the earth could ot know him or share his appreciation and joy in what he had achieved. he needed a being who could share fully and truly appreciate all that he had accomplished. So he created a being "in the image of himself, in the image of God he created him, male and female he created them". He entrusted his entire crfeation to them to cherish it and care for it for all time. Once again he surveyed his handiwork and saw that "indeed it was VERY good".


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