Commentary on the Gospel of

Paul Peter Alphonse, cmf

Today's Gospel invites us to meditate on Love. A scribe puts a worthy question to Jesus, which commandment is the first of all others? The Jews were not sure which was the most important commandment. Some considered the commandment concerning the Sabbath celebrations as the most important; some others considered the ones concerning sacrifices as the most important. In this confusion the scribe rightly asked the master’s opinion. The answer of the master is very clear that love is the supreme commandment. According to Jesus, love is the summary of all the divine commandments and it is the most important one. The books of Exodus, Leviticus and Deuteronomy insist on the importance of love, but it was lost in the other innumerable precepts and prohibitions. Jesus again brings back the value of love and insists that the source of love is God and the destination of love is Man. The Lord's invitation is to love.  If love is the core existence of our life, then there is no need of asking what is most important because love contains everything that one needs.  So the season of Lent is also a time for us to ask the Lord to grant the supreme commandment of love, which strengthens us for working generously for the salvation of others.


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