Commentary on the Gospel of

Michael Chima, cmf

The paralytic man at the pool spent 38 years waiting to receive a miracle. For us, it appears to be an exaggeration to wait for that number of years. Let us put ourselves in the same situation as the paralytic, and ask ourselves, how many years will I spend waiting for my life to change for the better? How many years will I spend complaining about lack of opportunities or the difficulties I am facing? Today Jesus is looking at us and he says to us: “stand up, take responsibility for your life and act”. Our mat is all those inconveniences that stop us from progressing. We are encouraged to stand up and free all those around us who find it difficult to walk. We will have distractions, but they will not affect us only if we believe strongly in the orders of Jesus:” stand up and walk”. Let us pray that the Lord will increase our faith in Him.


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